Hello you. It’s been a while, I know! I have been super distracted with life of late, and I am not one to let things get in the way, but sometimes your mojo gets nicked and there’s no getting it back until life is good and ready… It’s been the most frustrating thing because I am so passionate about this little space, but from now on I can see me slowly taking the reigns again and I won’t be letting it go!

Being stuck in a rut always makes it hard to make a comeback, and I’ve been wondering whether to do a current favourites, (as beauty never stops in my life, and I DO have lots to talk about) a seasonal post or what-not, or a product review. But I am wanting to do more single product reviews and there is a product in particular that’s made my life so much easier this last couple of weeks, so I felt super compelled to tell you guys all about it! (Properly this time as I did mention it once upon a time in a nighttime routine post but this baby deserved the lime light!)

That product is this Clinique Overnight Revitalising Moisturiser...

I’m sure you can all agree that with all the skincare ingredients that we are told can benefit this that & the other, we get obsessed with switching up all the actives. Glycolic acid, vitamin C, retinol and so on…and if you get the right balance it can work wonders, but after a while I personally notice my skin starts to play up. I break out and my skin just doesn’t look it’s best no matter what I do. I put this down to disrupting the skin’s Ph and the barrier that keeps it healthy, because when it gets to that point and I simplify, it quickly gets back to normal. My go to for this scenario has been this night cream which has absolutely saved my skin on numerous occasions and I cannot recommend it enough!

A couple of weeks ago my skin started misbehaving, breaking out in random little spots in random places, ones that I couldn’t put down to food, hormones and least of all lack of care. I have owned this night cream on & off for the last 5 or 6 years and luckily Clinique Australia sent me some recently and although I had been using it a few times a week, I decided to use solely this for a few nights, and my skin literally bounced back!

It’s a thick, velvety cream that feels quite rich when you apply but soaks in nicely and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on the skin. It comes in a 50ml glass jar and retails for $60 AUD.

This cream still has active ingredients in it, but at a lesser percentage. This helps this act as what I am suggesting, a low impact, giving my skin a break, formula. The combination though, works beautifully to calm and plump the skin. These include a low percentage salicylic acid to gently exfoliate the skin, hyaluronic acid to hydrate and plump the skin, and a concoction of wonderful natural skin-loving ingredients. I don’t know what it is, but the combination just works a dream!

I have used this during a freakish dry, sand papery spell (not like me at all and have not had that happen again), during mega break outs when I was young, and now for balancing, plumping and even-ing the skin and it’s not let me down!

So the results I experience are, plump, soft, calm, blurred skin the moment I wake up. It literally feels like my skin has been cared for all night to give it everything you could possible need.. Clarity, hydration, plumpness, and this for me has been during ANY type of break out.

I would 100% recommend this to the majority of skin types/ages as a fool proof, minimalistic skincare product that will balance you out, and give the skin the TLC it needs.


So there is my little come back, partly because I HAD to, but mainly because I have fallen in love with this product again and I had to dedicate a post to it while the results are still fresh on ma’ face!


Until next time…


G x


**Disclaimer – Clinique Australia kindly sent me this product so I did not have to pay for it, however I have purchased before, and will continue to purchase again as it is the bomb.**



I am a sucker for a HA serum and HA in skincare in general, and so should everyone else! My sisters joke that I can’t go a day without mentioning hyaluronic acid, which is a slight exaggeration but not much if I am honest.. It’s my new best friend ok!?

So incase you don’t know much about hyaluronic acid itself, it’s a moisture binding ingredient that helps keep the skin plump and hydrated. It’s not stripping or resurfacing so don’t let the word ‘acid’ put you off! HA is naturally occurring in the human body, but apparently does not actually work for the skin in the way skincare products can so it’s important to actively use it in your skincare regime. It can attract up to 1000 times it’s weight in water, therefore helps attract water from the atmosphere and holds it to your skin, creating a hydrating, protective barrier all day. It has hydrating, calming and antioxidant properties and is beneficial for all skin types.

I use a HA serum every morning under moisturiser and a few evenings a week depending on my skincare that night. I have 3 different types from 3 different brands which all have slightly different added extras to work on the skin in other beneficial ways and I love them all, which is why I am about to show you…

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% & B5

As I am sure you’ve heard, The Ordinary is a range from the brand Deciem. A really affordable range at that. This is a 2% hyaluronic acid serum with added vitamin B5. B5 has moisturising, healing, soothing and regenerative properties. It retails at around $12.90 AUD for 30ml which means that not many of us have an excuse not to own a bottle. Everyone needs it and thanks to The Ordinary, most of us can afford it!

A close up of the slightly gloopy serum..

It’s a clear serum and the consistency is quite gloopy. Some are runnier than others, this is something in between fluid & gloop! It spreads nicely and dries into a tight feeling which feels great! It’s the first HA serum I have ever used and I have been hooked ever since. Keeps my skin plump, soothed and helps makeup apply beautifully! If you are keen to try this serum then you can treat yo’self here and still have enough in the bank for weekend cocktails.. Win

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate (Possibly the biggest mouthful in skincare!)

This baby has been everything I expected and more, I mean how pretty can skincare get!? It’s also a pretty damn good product. It is a water gel HA product so can be used as a very light moisturiser for really oily can prone skin, or it can be layered as a serum which is what I have been doing. It contains algae and caffeine and the tiny bubbles you can see inside are little spheres containing vitamin C & E which disperse as you apply it to your skin. It is beautiful stuff! It retails at $69 AUD for 48ml so more pricey but I am addicted and will definitely repurchase! I can also see this being such a life saver in summer when kept in the fridge for a cooling effect. Love it! You can grab yourself a bottle here if you want to believe the hype.

A close up of the gel..


 LOVEISDERMA Hydramax serum

I was kindly sent this HA serum by Lux Skin Beauty a brilliant online skincare shop here is Australia. It’s made by the brand Loveisderma and I believe it retails at $49 AUD for a 30ml bottle. It’s very similar to The Ordinary in that it’s a typical clear runny HA serum, it also has vitamin B5 added to it, as well as B3 which is another growingly popular skincare ingredient also known as Niacinamide. Niacinamide is another great all-rounder that protects, soothes, tightens and helps shrink pores. This is slightly thinner than The Ordinary so has a slightly better spreadability, and for some reason I like this a little bit better, not sure why it may be the spreadability or the fact it has an extra beneficial ingredient. That said I will still repurchase The Ordinary for the price point. This I would if I didn’t have so many others I want to try. Still really impressed by it though.

You can see how much more it ran down my hand compared to The Ordinary..

So there are 3 HA serums I have been trying out/switching between on a daily basis. I have probably leaned more towards Clinique as I love it the best but all in all they are amazing and it doesn’t really matter too much how and when you use then, so long as you’re getting them on your skin every day. You will thank yourself when your skin feels plumper, and looks and feels more hydrated and awake.

Let me know if you have any favourites I need to try…!


G x


**Disclaimer – This post is not sponsored, although contains a gifted product, and a couple of affiliate links. I have been offered to use affiliate links so will naturally add them when I can, however if you do not like buying through these links, please do not purchase via this post. The majority were purchased by myself/birthday prezzie and more importantly as ever, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.**




So this month on August 10th, I turned 29! I had such a lovely day, although I had to go to work for a few hours it was all good. My husband had the day off, and made me amazing breakfast in bed before he gave me my prezzies, and he then made a beautiful 3 course meal that evening, including an EPIC cheesecake, so quite low key but perfect all the same.

I was very lucky and got a little bit spoilt receiving some things I have been wanting to try for the longest time,(He is the most thoughtful, generous person I have ever met and takes note of things I say I like, yep I know I am a lucky girl!) and because I love watching and reading ‘What I Got For My Birthday’ posts, I thought why the heck not share my own as I am sure a lot of you will love some of the things I received and maybe get inspired for yourself..?

I had previously made a pact with my husband that on my birthday I would rather go away so we can both enjoy my birthday prezzie, or go do something as I way prefer memories and experience over ‘things’, but this year due to work commitments and other things going on in our lives at the moment we were unable to go away, which is why naughty Jason (husband has a name, by the way) went to town slightly on the gift giving! So I have kinda let him off…

Diptyque Baies candle

I have wanted to own a Diptyque candle in so long, and although I had never known which one, I am so happy I received the Baies scent, as the smell is amazing! For those of you who haven’t smelled it before, it has a floral/green kind of scent and almost reminds me of Christmas trees. I have restricted myself to only burning it on weekends though, because I want it to last forever and won’t be expecting to have another one any time soon!

The Great Gatsby – F.Scott Fitzgerald

I adore the film and Jas surprised me with this special edition hard back book which I am absolutely over the moon about! Can’t wait to curl up and read this one day…


Byredo Super Cebar parfum

Another ‘birthday only’ kinda prezzie because these perfumes aren’t cheap but my god its worth it. This Byredo perfume in Super Cedar is absolutely amazing I can’t get enough of it. I am rubbish at explaining scents but its a woody, unisex kinda of a scent, and I am addicted.


Sol de Janeiro – Brazilian Bum Bum cream

My mum thought I was off my head when she asked what I wanted for my birthday and I replied with ‘Brazilian Bum Bum Cream’! It’s not easy to get hold of in Oz so she sent me some over from the UK. The smell is incredible, sweet and tropical. But so much stronger than I thought it would be! I had heard so many people saying how nice the scent is but never really heard anyone say just how strong it is! I’ve only used it once so far so will report back with results soon…


T2 – Tea for one set & White white cocoa tea

So these were presented to me on my birthday morning, on a mahusive white wash wicker breakfast tray (also a birthday prezzie because Jas has to go the whole hog!) and I am IN LOVE! This tea for one set is everything I would ever want in a tea set, the colours are very ‘me’ and I am a tea freak so this makes me very happy! The white tea and white cocoa blend is also Uh-MAZING!


Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil

A skincare product I’ve been wanting to try for a long time! Loving it so far but it’s early days so will report back with this one in a month or so! Love the packaging, the smell and the blue tinge it has is quite interesting! Excited to see more results as I’ve heard so many great things.


Charlotte Tilbury skincare and makeup!

SO chuffed to have started a little Charlotte Tilbury collection! I recently bought myself the look in a palette which has absolutely blown me away so was chuffed to also receive these. I received 2 of the dry sheet masks of which I have used one twice, the Super Cindy lipstick which is a gorgeous nude, and the magic cream which I have heard majorly mixed reviews about so I’ll have to see how I get on with that and let you guys know! The packaging it came in (which I haven’t shown here as I totally forgot so keep an eye out for it on my Insta!) was a beautiful gift box and also came with some minis shown here, a red lippy and the legendary lashes mascara, can’t wait to try those.


Next – Tan handbag

My mum in law sent me this tan bag along with some gorgeous M&S pjs and other bits and bobs, (I know where Jason gets his spoiling gene from!!) and I am obsessed with this bag, it’s from Next which is another shop I miss from back home and know I will use this to it’s death!



Clinique moisture surge hydrating supercharged concentrate

Another skincare gift I have been wanting to try for ages. Look how pretty this is!? I love the little bubbles inside. I’ve used this enough to know I LOVE it so I am really chuffed with this.


GEL merch! (lol)

Another example of how thoughtful Jason can be right here. He had business cards, a pen (which I clearly forgot to add to this picture but you get the idea) and a mug all printed out with my blog logo on! I was so shocked when these came presented to me on my birthday tray, I don’t know if people particularly like receiving blogger cards, but it makes me feel super important anyway so I’ll hand them out to anyone who wants one, haha!


(Epic) Picnic set

I have wanted one of these for the longest time!! Probably one of my favourite gifts as it was the most thoughtful because I have said before how much I would love a proper set but had forgotten about it recently. So as soon as the weather warms up here in Oz, I am going to devote my life to picnicking! Oh and it has a cooler section that fits a bottle of wine, (as demonstrated) YES! I have no idea where he bought this from but if you’d like to know I will find out!


Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 cleanser and foaming gel

The 3-in-1 cleanser is my absolute rider die and I cannot not have it in my bathroom, even when I have so many others to use. Because of my obsession, this is something Jas knew he couldn’t go wrong with and had obvs seen I was running low so got me me nice big bottle along with this foaming gel, which I haven’t tried before as I don’t tend to use foaming cleansers but I’m sure I will enjoy it once a week!


Forever Living beauty products – a selection of my faves!

My mum has a Forever Living business and we’ve used the products as a family for years! I have quite a few favourite products that as soon as I finish, am asking my mum to send me.. The top 3 in this picture are the lavender body wash, lotion and bath salts (amazing for a pre-bed pamper!). The bottom 3 are the aloe clear gel (which everyone needs in their life, I actually sat with it on my fingers yesterday after grabbing a hot tray from the oven and today it’s totally healed which I thought was not going to happen tbh) the aluminium free aloe deodorant which also works really well, and the bee propolis cream, a thick natural emollient which is another staple for everyones home!

If you’d like to purchase anything of these from my Mum’s shop then click here, she has shops in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada and Newzealand!


Half hoop earrings

I received these from my sister in law and I am obsessed! I think they are from Topshop and they are sooo cute and look so cool in. She also got me an amazing pair of jeans from there but as you saw in my handbag & PJ pics I aint no fashion blogger and jeans just don’t look right in a picture unless they are on your actual legs!


So there we have the main bulk of my birthday goodies, and I’d like to give a special thank you to my loved ones, especially my gorgeous husband for making my day so special! But It is obviously them themselves that make it so special, not the material things and I certainly do not always get so spoilt but going into the last year of my 20’s I will let them get away with it! I hope you enjoyed my first ever ‘What I got for my birthday’ post. Like I said before I am nosey and LOVE seeing other people’s so I hope mine was as enjoyable for you.. Entering the last year in my 20’s wasn’t so bad and I intend so make the very most of it!


G x










Hello I do hope you are well…! Here are a few makeup bits I’ve tried and loved recently. 2 of them have been things I have literally used every day since I purchased, and to find new HG’s makes me v.v.happy!

Josie Maran Argan Lip Sting Plumping Butter ($33AUD)

It’s no secret I am a fan of the Josie Maran cosmetics line. Although I haven’t tried it all, everything I have tried so far is just beautiful!

So from her argan lip sting plumping butters I first tried the clear one, which I love as it gives that tingly plumping feel, nourishes so well and I like to use that one before I apply lipstick (amazing). Then I realised she had tinted/pigmented versions and was curious to try but was worried they wouldn’t be as creamy and pigmented as I would like… I WAS WRONG! This one is called ‘Embrace it’ which is described as a honey nude. I am super fussy when it comes to nude lipsticks as I don’t feel like a lot of them suit me, but this shade is a perfect nude for me. It’s not too brown, not too pink and not too pale.

The formula is what makes it so amazing! It’s super pigmented so goes on like a lipstick but its like a really gorgeous balm that just doesn’t want to move, it just sits there all moisturising and comfy, which makes it look SO flattering. One thing I hate about lipstick, and why I don’t wear it day-to-day is that it never reapplies the same unless you clean the lips. I don’t have time to do that but I do like wear something on my lips during work that nourishes and looks nice. This is something I have used every day and just reapply the couple of times when I need, and my lips just look plump, hydrated and a gorgeous shade! It’s infused with argan oil and Manuka honey, so I know I am giving my lips lots of TLC while looking fabulous. It tingles a little, just enough to make my lips feel alive and juicy! My absolute holy grail lip product as the moment and I will be grabbing the other pinky shade ASAP!

NARS Loaded Eyeshadow Palette ($85AUD)

As soon as I saw this palette I knew I needed it in my life! It has all the shades I love for smokey or natural looks. I’m sure I have shadows similar in various singles or palettes but this is such a compact palette with all my favourites in 1 it just seemed like absolute perfection to me!

A mixture of shimmers and mattes, in every neutral to black shade you need for a smokey or natural look! The formula for all of them is amazing, they are pigmented, creamy and they all blend well. No complaints with any of the shades whatsoever! It’s been my go-to SO much since I bought it. A perfect compact little palette, thank you for creating this NARS!

NYX Micro Brow Pencil – Taupe ($16.95AUD)

I’ve been using Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products for a good while now and I still love them but I am SO happy I have discovered this little beauty..

I was recommended this eyebrow pencil by the gorgeous Luisa from Lulu’s palette in her ‘All About The Brow’ blog post recently and as they were on sale in Priceline at the time (not that they need to be at this price!) I thought I’d grab one and see how I went as it wasn’t a lot to lose!

At first it was a little dry and hard to use, but once that part of the nib wore off it worked a dream and has done ever since! As you can see the nib is super fine. I have quite coarse eyebrows and while I loved using the ABH brow definer which has that triangular shape, this has been an absolute god send because it just gets right in between my coarse hairs and makes feathering and shaping SO easy! The taupe shade suits my colouring perfectly as I like to use a dark ash blonde. The formula glides on beautifully with the fine nib, and it does not budge! My eyebrows literally have never been easier to do, or better to look at! Another new holy grail..

NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil – Dolce Vita ($39AUD)

So I wanted a really wearable darker reddish colour to wear during winter and this has been perfect for that! The shade is a dusty rose-red and looks kind of muted on the lips but is so flattering. I love the fact that it’s a pencil so is more precise than a proper lipstick but big enough to coat the whole of my lips with ease. It’s creamy, comfortable and long lasting. Absolutely loving it and getting a lot of use out of it. Can’t wait to purchase more shades in the formula and try the other NARS pencils. If you have any recommendations let me know!


Until next time.. I’ll keep playing with more makeup!


G x


**Disclaimer – Everything I talk about in this post was purchased by myself, and all opinions are honest, and my own.**




Hello there! I hope you’re well, it’s been a little while since my last beauty related blog post because a) I’ve been a bit busier than usual lately, and b) my last post was a cheeky little cocktail recipe! Check that out here if you haven’t already..

It’s currently a Friday evening, I have a glass of red in hand and I thought I would share with you just a few things that I’ve starting using lately and am absolutely loving! There’s not a lot here really, as I talked about quite a few things I’ve been using and loving recently in my ‘Winter-proof your skin’ post. But that’s all good, I prefer to condense things down to smaller blog posts rather than posts with lots to share, and that’s what I hopefully intend to do in general.

Sooo, without further a do, let me chew your ear off about these little beauties….

First up, is the Origins Original Skin Rose Clay Mask. I absolutely loved their ‘Clear Improvement’ charcoal mask, I used to suffer with breakouts a LOT, and I swear this was the first mask I used religiously and literally improved my skin week after week, to the point I think it has a lot to do with where my skin is today! So I had my eye on this for a while with high expectations and it has certainly exceeded them..

It’s made up of rose clay which is a pink form of kaolin clay, willow-herb which has soothing anti-inflammatory properties, and jojoba beads for exfoliation. It claims to promote a luminous, healthy glow and reduce the appearance of pores.

Description – It has a thick consistency, it’s pale pink in colour and is full of those little jojoba beads. It’s quite opaque and a little seems to go a long way because of that high opacity coverage nature.

I’ve used this twice a week for 3 weeks now and it’s become such a treat to use. It dries within 5 minutes and forms that typically tight, clay mask. I always tend to leave masks on for up to an hour because I find myself pottering around with it on, and I am the type who can potter of hours! But I have washed this off after the 10-15 minutes instructed and have still felt as soft and healthy as I have after an hour, it makes no difference whatsoever!

My skin feels so soft after using this, especially with the added exfoliating benefit of the jojoba beads while both applying and removing. My pores feel reduced and there is an overall softer smooth appearance to my skin. I love the fact this is keeping my skin detoxified, smooth and glow all at the same time. As opposed to the blemish clearing, mattifying masks I used to always reach for back when I suffered with my skin, I like to find masks that still detoxify, but treat to a create a glowy, moisturised finish at the same time. This definitely does just that! ($37 AUD but lasts so long as a little goes a long way)

Alpha-H Liquid Gold Rose

I don’t think I need to say much more about my love for Alpha-H and their original liquid gold.. It changed my skin for life! I think I’ve been using it religiously now for a year and along with all the skincare I will try, this will always be a staple. I will never go back!

When I heard they had bought out this version, I thought it would be a perfect time to try it as winter fast approached!

So it’s basically the original glycolic based formula, but with added rose, lotus, orchid and red algae extracts which help deliver more moisture. It’s also a bit kinder on sensitive skin if you’re a little sensitive!

I use it 3 nights a week just as I would the original formula and it’s kept my skin toned, calm and clear just as the original formula does. I do feel the extra moisture and nourishment from the added botanicals and I would happily use this all year around but I will probably go back to the original during the warmer, oily prone months to keep my skin under control.

It has a rose scent mixed in to the punchy original nail varnish remover type smell which I did have to get used to as I didn’t love it straight away, but I’ve actually grown to love the smell.

Alpha-H, you continue to be my best friend! If you’d like to buy this for yourself, or find out more click here.

Ok, so I had my eye on this for a while after seeing really great reviews of it on the Mecca website, its by a Korean beauty brand called Mizon and it’s their Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel. I mean, the name itself is just fabulous if you ask me! It’s basically an exfoliating gel, made with fruit and flower extracts and glycolic, and it’s SO easy to use.

For $15 AUD it’s such a good value product, because it works so well and you literally don’t need a lot as a little goes a long way and the job is done in 2 minutes max!

Description – It’s a gentle gel exfoliant that sloughs away dead skin cells in a pilling action. Pilling is basically little balls appearing as you rub over the face. The balls I think are actually the gel itself but while taking the dead skin with it. It’s designed for dull congested and delicate skin.

How to use – It’s a white, gel like formula that you apply as much as you need (which isn’t really a lot) to clean dry skin. Use a rubbing motion all over the skin to form the little pilling balls, and do this for only 1-2 minutes. Once you’ve done your whole face for a minute or two, just rinse it off!

My experience – The first time I used this I was blown away by how soft and exfoliated my skin felt, considering it feels and smells like such a gentle formula. It’s also so damn easy to use for such amazing results! I’ve used this twice a week and it’s helped keep my skin extra soft and healthy. A really fun, effective, easy product to use.


So there you have a few skincare products I felt worthy of chatting about with you guys! I hope you enjoyed, let me know if you try any of these and what you think, or if you already love any of these!


G x


**Discaimer – This is not a sponsored or gifted post. All products were bought by myself and all opinions are honest, and my own. Some links may be affiliate links**