Hello everyone..my name is Gemma and I’m a 28 year old British beauty-crazed gal living in Perth, Western Australia.

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with all things beauty, hair and make-up!

I have always been the one who a lot of my friends and family come to for beauty product advice or general make-up gossip, and am always hunting down the new and exciting products! As this is my daily obsession I also tend to bore my poor boyfriend to tears when nobody else is around at the time to listen! So thought it best I start a blog..

I’m also pretty enthusiastic about lots of other things in life such as¬†wellbeing, general lifestyle and fashion and hope to start blogging a bit about those things as well as beauty and makeup so watch out for more of that at some point.. I just need to find a good balance with my full time job and blogging to put energy into creating good content involving them!

I actually find it hard to believe I am only now pursuing this beauty blogging enterprise to share my enthusiasm with the wider public.. I cannot wait share my obsessions with you guys and hear all about yours!

Great to meet you beauties – Gem x