My top 10 beauty finds of 2017

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope this finds you all well, and that you had a magical Christmas 2017.. Mine was super quiet being the other side of the world from all of our family but my husband and I still went to town to make it Christmassy AF!

So from reflection of this year beauty wise, I thought I’d share with you the 10 products I have discovered, fallen in LOVE with and are coming with me to 2018 and no doubt every year after that… The type of products that make you wonder where they’ve been all your life and become your treasured lil cherubs!

Most of these products aren’t new to the beauty scene this year, they are just new to me. Though I do plan on making 2018 the year that I keep up more with the new-new stuff though, and to really think about what I want to invest in or accept from companies to try, as I do feel this year has been spent too much trying HEAPS of stuff, mainly to use it up and not to waste, but has resulted in way too much clutter when I would much rather own less, but more valuable products. I must say though, I have loved so much of it as you would have seen from a few blog posts and mainly my Instagram, but I do feel like levelling up on the product front in 2018! (That’s the beauty snob in me getting worse as I get older..guilty!)

Ok, I don’t need to say much about these as I’ve talked about them all on previous blog posts, but here are my top 10 beauty products I found, and fell in love with in 2017…. (In no particular order!)

Charlotte Tilbury Natural Beauty Palette $99AUD 

Everyone needs one of these palettes in their lives! The formula of everything in this palette is seriously stunning, it has all you need in one place and I also cannot live without the big mirror inside which I use every day for everything. A true staple in my makeup bag and can’t wait to try more CT in 2018!

Nars Sheer Glow foundation $68AUD

Oh my days, this stuff! It applies perfectly every time no matter what my skin is doing, or what skincare I have on. The finish is flawless, it feels lightweight and is just so flattering. This will 100% have to be a part of my ‘foundation wardrobe’ for as long as I shall live! I fall in and out of love with a lot off foundations, but this one has my back at all times.

Skyn Iceland Pure Cloud Cream $80AUD

Ok so this saved my skin this winter. It’s a beautifully whipped, mousse like moisturiser than sinks in perfectly, is amazing under makeup, it is super nourishing and hydrating without being thick or heavy, and make my skin look SO good. I only used it in winter so am looking forward to using it again next winter as I do like to have seasonal moisturisers, but that said I know it would still be amazing in summer. Definitely worth the money as it calms and brightens the skin completely and a definite repurchase as soon as possible!

Josie Maran Lip Sting Plumping Butters $33AUD

I love everything about this brand as I’ve shouted about a gazillion times! These lip butters have been like gold to me. The clear one is perfect for applying under lipsticks and the nude shade ‘Embrace it’ has literally been my every day lipstick for months and months! It’s organic, gives the lips that stingy plumpness, packed with nutritious ingredients and is everything I want from a lip product. I’m yet to buy the pinky shade but that will be coming on my 2018 beauty journey with me no doubt..

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Magic Facial Dry Sheet Mask $35AUD

I was lucky enough to receive a couple of these from my husband for my birthday as you may have seen in my What I Got For My Birthday post back in August. Yes they are expensive at first glance at $35 for one sheet mask but they can be used up to 3 times each! I didn’t try for a 4th but I wouldn’t be surprised if you manage to squeeze a cheeky 4th treatment out of it. If you suffer with dry skin which I do in winter, or just need a pick me up for hydration, plumpness and GLOW then I can’t recommend these enough! The fact that they are fuss and mess free and give such amazing results I will definitely invest in more.

Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Intensifying Conditioner $39AUD

If you have blonde hair and are needing to keep the brassiness away but find shampoos such as the Fudge purple shampoo too dulling, then this is for you! I was at a bit of a loss using those types of shampoos as I would like the way they knocked yellow out, but hated how dull and grey they made my hair. That was until my hairdresser at Viva La Blonde here in Perth told me off for using them & advised me to try this conditioner. I’d never thought of using a toning conditioner but now I use this I won’t look back!

Lush Ultrabland $29.95AUD

Oh my days you guys, this stuff!! A humble pot of balmy cleanser from Lush but to me its such a luxury to own! If you love balm cleansers this isn’t the usual oil type one, but a delightfully thick, waxy formula that I could honestly massage around my face for hours! It cleanses beautifully but is so nourishing and always leaves my skin feeling so calm, moisturised & healthy. EVERYONE needs Ultrabland in their lives for when their skin is out of whack, it really brings it back to its healthiest.

Byredo Super Cedar $160-$245

This had to be included in my top 10 because it’s a fragrance I have absolutely fallen in love with and will forever be one of my signature scents. I think as you get older, finding fragrances that just feel so right and that you can’t get enough of is so important as they’ll go through life with you. This is just that! The musky woodiness about it is just so addictive.

Sunday Riley Luna Oil

Another investment type product that I took a while to get into as I wasn’t using it frequently enough due to having too many other things to use. But once I did oh my days this stuff gave my skin an even, ‘blurred’ effect I just feel brand new after a few days using it. Something I wasn’t sure I would repurchase to begin with but after seeing the magic it can do, unfortunately for my bank balance it will be here to stay!

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid Serum $12.90AUD (& any HA serum really) 

This stuff is incredible if you need to layer the moisture. It’s so cheap but works just as well as any other HA serum I’ve tried this year. 2017 was the year I fell in love with HA serums in general but the fact that this one is so affordable makes it the winner! For such a basic ingredient I don’t see why I should spend more on it.

I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my top 10 products for 2017. I tried to keep it fairly short as I have spoken about then before on the blog, and could have added so many more but am pretty happy with the ten I chose for the limelight.

Here’s to spending more money than we should on beauty products in 2018…..

G x



  1. January 2, 2018 / 11:29 am

    I’m still yet to try anything from Charlotte tilbury!!!

      January 2, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      Oh you must!!!! It’s all so beautiful I can’t wait to try more!!

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