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It’s been over 2 months since I’ve shared my new (and sometimes just rekindled) makeup loves, I cannot believe it! Where does the time go? In fact, where has 2017 gone it’s just passed the halfway mark…what!?

Anyway I feel like I’m on a great journey of makeup discovery at the moment, there are a few things that I’ve only discovered in the last couple of weeks which I’ll talk about next time, yes there’s plenty to share into 2 blogs already which my wallet doesn’t thank me for but the world is a great pace for makeup these days it’s hard to resist!

That said, I still feel I’m a lot more conservative than a lot of people when it comes to buying the latest makeup, because I just like what I like, and not much can suck me in unless I 100% know it’s something I will really love.. I’m still not in need of every highlighter palette that comes out, or a million shades of 10 different lipsticks, it’s just not me!

Another classic Gem ramble that could go on as ever so I’ll stop myself there and jump in to makeup I’ve been loving recently!

NARS Sheer-Glow Foundation ($68 AUD 30ml)

Oh my days, where has this been all my life!? I have heard people say it’s great for a while, but as ever, I am late to the party but oh baby..this stuff!

Maybe it was the name that didn’t draw me in, as ‘sheer glow’ sounds gorgeous if you have perfect skin, but I like a full coverage foundation. I find it much more convenient when I’m in a rush to do a thin layer of full coverage rather than build up a sheer. However….

This foundation is far from ‘sheer’, it’s more medium to full coverage and does set kinda matte, but with a healthy glow about it. It just has the perfect finish.

I am shade ‘Fiji’ which is a light yellow based shade. I’ve tried it out with all different types of primers, and even without and it always looks great and always lasts the day. I am in LOVE! I’ve been mainly wearing it during the day as I originally chose it for the hydrating benefits for winter, but it’s also a gorgeous foundation for evenings. A perfect all rounder which I honestly think everyone should try! I know for a fact this will be in my life for a very long time, all year around!

NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer ($44 AUD 5g)

Another dreamy NARS product (I am fast becoming a NARS addict, everything I have ever tried has been incredible) that I now cannot live without! I got it in the shade ‘creme brulee’ after the girl working at Mecca’s recommendation to match with the foundation. The shade matches pretty well although I think the shade ‘custard’ might also match well. I have been using this just for covering up marks & blemishes and it does such an incredible job of concealing in such a blurry, soft focus and easy way. It is so weightless and not cakey at all! I use either my finger or a small brush to dot on and then just dab it and my skin looks instantly flawless and not caked whatsoever, it just melds in so naturally.

I’m also thrilled that it’s formulated with skin loving ingredients such as collagen boosting peptides, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins A, C & E. Win!

I also get a bit red around the crease of my nose which is sometimes hard to work with other concealers as they sit in the crease, but this again has such a beautiful natural finish it makes that area look like naturally perfect skin. That’s a huge test to pass!

I have used around my eyes for days where I have just got a bit of foundation on and haven’t wanted to necessarily brighten the eye area and that too, just works wonders and doesn’t crease or cake. I will 100% be buying a lighter shade for under eye brightening/concealing which I currently use the NARS creamy radiance concealer for, so I will have to see which works best as both formulas are fantastic but this might just pip it to the post!

Too Faced Hangover Primer ($46 AUD 40ml)

Another product I had heard positive things about for ages until I felt I just had to try it..

Well, it hasn’t let me down, this is such an amazing primer! I wanted something hydrating to use every day as I hadn’t really found a primer I enjoyed using day to day that was really nourishing my skin. It describes itself as proactive and nourishing, with coconut water and probiotic-based ingredients.

It feels like a slightly tacky moisturiser so the formula is a cream which glides on beautifully and then gets that tacky feel which I love as makeup sticks to it and stays put all day which is exactly what happens here.

It also does have a mild scent of coconut which is the best kind of scent any skincare can have as it feels like such natural, tropical goodness!

So my makeup goes on so well with this, it gives the skin a dewy finish, my makeup lasts all day and my skin feels and looks hydrated and plump. It’s honestly the perfect primer for every day or a full on night look for the glow and stay power purposes. I am OBSESSED!

Lancôme Grandôise Eyeliner ($55 AUD 1.4ml)

Ok so you’re probably having a heart attack at the price right now, like I did when I first saw, but, liquid eyeliners are typically around 0.5ml which makes this actually good value if you ask me as you get 3 times as much for around $18 per third. Panic over? That and the fact that this is such a great quality eyeliner. I have tried and loved many cheap eyeliners over the years but thought sod it I will treat myself to an eyeliner I know I can use and use without it running out as quick and with slightly better quality and this has been just that!

It has a super precise felt nib, which I personally prefer over brushes. Which creates many looks I love to do with such ease.

The most important thing about this is the fact it doesn’t budge, it stays perfect all damn day!

So it also has a handle that you can click bend to a 35 degree angle which I did think was a bit gimmicky, but although I mainly use it straight, has definitely come in handy a few times so I am getting more into that aspect of it the more I use it.

Would I buy it again? Yes I would. It’s lasted me a couple of months so far and is still going, the formula works beautifully, the nib is perfect for me and the packaging is also stunning which is also a bonus when you have to look at something for a longer period than normal eyeliners!


I hope you enjoyed having a peek at these bits I just had to rave about!


G x



** Disclaimer – These products were bought by myself, and all opinions are honest and my own. Nothing is ever sponsored or gifted unless I have clearly stated. **






  1. Luisa
    July 2, 2017 / 12:31 pm

    I have loved Marz sheer glow for two years and hangover since February I love these too products so much

      July 2, 2017 / 12:34 pm

      Aren’t they AMAZING!? So happy I tried them ??❤️

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