Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask

I fell in love with the name first! ‘Whipped mud’ sounds fabulous if you ask me. I was also on the hunt for a more hydrating mask while still being something that detoxed, so with the main ingredients being 100% argan oil and Moroccan rhassoul clay, this sounded PERFECT!

This is the fourth Josie Maran product I have owned and properly used, the others being the vibrancy argan oil foundation which you can read about here, the stunning illuminiser which I also previously mentioned in a favourites post and the argan lip sting plumping butter. I’ve loved absolutely everything so far, they all work so beautifully with my skin, the packaging is so luxe and everything about Josie’s ethics and branding really resonates with me. So it wasn’t really a surprise that this too, captured my heart…

So it’s a little pricey at $70 AUD for a 52g pot, but in my humble opinion this is worth the money and you’re about to find out why!

This mask claims to clarify, refine and firm while it nourishes and soothes – I totally agree!

Formula description – Ok so it’s going to be hard for me to really describe the texture of this to you, or maybe not, I’ll just see how this comes out…! It’s basically as you’d expect, a lightweight mud like texture but with moisture in it (duh) so almost feels a tad slimy? Hmm I don’t think that’s the best word I can come up with but anyway it glides onto the skin in a silky way.. As you can see in the picture it also contains natural, fine, exfoliating beads. Just like everything else from the range, it’s organic and cruelty free.

Scent – There is no added scent, it just smells like your typical natural mud mask with a hint of argan, which is also pretty nondescript.

Packaging – A weighty glass pot with the Josie Maran signature rose gold lid and rose gold print. Yeah, it’s pretty nice!

How to use – So it says to apply to a clean, moist face, and wash off after 5-10 minutes (pfft I’m a 30min plus mask kinda girl and I won’t change, mainly due to lazy ass reasons!) I’ve applied to both moist and dry skin and it definitely feels like it works better on moist skin, as when it dries it definitely tightens more? As it’s such a lightweight and moisturising formula it spreads so well, meaning as you massage it around you work the exfoliating beads and also a little goes a long way. This also makes the price tag much more justified! I’ve used it 5 times now and I’m not even a third of the way through the pot.

On removal with water, it emulsifies into a moisturising silky consistency, which is great for working into the skin for one last boost of nourishment. Then, you rinse!

How it feels on the skin – It dries on in with a firming and lifting sensation and does dry to a certain extent, but not in the same way a dry clay mask feels. The first time I tried it, it peeled away from my chin area, I think I may have both applied too much and left it on too long!

My results – My skin has loved this mask just as much as I thought it would. Straight after use my skin has felt instantly smooth, plump, and fresh. Overall my skin has felt nourished, clear and definitely more glowing. Whenever my skin needs TLC, this will be my go to. I am so so happy!

Overall this is everything I want in a mask, its nourishing, detoxifying, it’s luxe and definitely worth the money for the result factor and for how far it actually goes. I would 100% happily own a pot of this forever and a day!


Hope you enjoyed this little review.. Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other Josie Maran products!

G x



**Disclaimer – This product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.**



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