Hello to you reading this, thanks for stopping by! I personally think you’ll be glad you did, because this makeup brand has really impressed me!

I was extremely lucky to be approached by Youngblood a couple of months ago to send me some of their things to try, and was blown away by the selection they sent me so thank you again to Youngblood!

I hadn’t tried anything from the brand and I’m not sure if or when I would have got around to it so I’m so grateful to have been introduced in this way, as I now have a new favourite brand to add to my collection!

So I’ll start with a bit of background to the brand. Pauline Soli, the founder of Youngblood developed the first products from the line while working in the medical sector, where patients needed safe coverage post procedure, such as facial peels and even surgical and cancer treatments. The results her patients had were so amazing in the way they healed, and the instant look it gave them. This urged her to create a commercial line, because who is not going to benefit from natural, safe, but high performing makeup?

So the makeup that was created is a luxurious, mineral based line, with the highest quality formulation. All very lightweight, long wearing, and so beautiful on the skin. The natural ingredients are formulated from elements such as titanium oxide, iron dioxide and mica.

These are the claims on the Youngblood website..

  • Non-comedogenic
  • No lead
  • No talc
  • No chemical dyes
  • No artificial colour or fragrance
  • Not tested on animals
  • No mineral oil
  • Light reflecting properties
  • No alcohol
  • Long lasting coverage
  • Pigments derived from natural minerals from the earth

Now we’ve got a bit of brand background out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff and let me show you what I received and have been loving from Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics…

I must add that absolutely everything here has blown me away because of the extremely high quality formulas and the beautiful minimal packaging. It’s makeup brand perfection!

Illuminate Highlighter Palette ($89.95 AUD)

So this palette has 6 lightweight, oil free, blendable and super natural looking highlighters/blushes/bronzers. They all have a soft, pearlescent finish and meld onto your skin/makeup so naturally. I am fussy when it comes to cream products, but these blend in an absolute dream! The bronzer isn’t that dark so can be used as a glowy bronzer for pale skin, or as a highlight for darker tones. Because of the range of colours, you can really play with these by adding them to your brow bone, inner eye corner, highlight on your cheek bone, blusher and bronzer. This is such a versatile palette and considering the high quality formula, and the finish they all give, is definitely worth the money.

The packaging is of high quality also, with a faux leather case and a magnetic closing.

CC Perfecting Primer ($54 AUD)

I am in love with this stuff! It’s a CC cream and a primer which is basically the primer I’ve always wanted. So it’s obviously tinted, and I was sent the bare shade which is suitable for light to medium skin tones. It has a really silky texture and blends into the skin beautifully creating a blurring effect on the skin. It gives the skin a really smooth and even canvas for makeup although I have even used it alone to pop out to the shops and makes me feel like I have gorgeous skin! Obviously free of any nasties so your skin can really breathe through it.

Hi Definition Mineral Perfecting Powder ($64.95)

A great all round mineral setting powder. I tried the translucent one. Has quite a mattifying finish and locks makeup down all day! Probably more so than any other powder I’ve owned. Sometimes a bit too mattifying for me, but works great if you love that look. Great for baking the under eye. Has a hint of menthol so smells slightly minty and leaves you skin feeling fresh and cool which is quite nice in a finishing powder. It comes in a really sturdy flip lid pot, along with a flocked application sponge. I am not a fan of applicators like that so I use a powder brush or damp beauty sponge for baking.

Pressed mineral eyeshadow quad ($69.95)

Oh my days, these eyeshadows are BEAUTIFUL! I was totally blown away from the first use. They have a few different quad palettes and I was sent ‘Eternity’ which is a combination of pearly shadows. A light neutral beige, a light pinky beige, a gold beige and a medium brown. They are all so creamy and blendable and create such beautiful looks that last all day. The only other shadows I have personally used of this quality have been from designer brands such as Dior. Such a luxurious palette of shadows I am using this every day right now!

Lipstick in shade ‘Seduce’ ($38 AUD)

I was sent this gorgeous deep plum shade which I was super excited about being Autumn as I was wanting to find some beautiful deep shades for the up coming seasons! Their lipsticks are lanolin free, and are enriched with oils and vitamins which of course makes them super moisturising. I wore this gorgeous shade on a night out last weekend and it stayed in place all night and felt so comfortable and moisturising.

Lip liner pencil in shade ‘Pout’ ($29.95)

This lip pencil in the shade pout is a perfect pale nude with a hint of pink. I’ve used this with my Burt’s Bees nude lipstick and have been obsessed with the combo! A creamy formula which lasts really well and feels so comfortable on my lips.


Overall this is such a great makeup brand for the ingredients, performance and packaging. I can’t recommend this highly enough! The price point is a little on the pricey side but definitely worth it. It’s sold all over the world so I suggest you find your nearest stockist and try something from their vast beautiful range.

I hope you enjoyed! If there is anything here you’d like to get yourself, or to check out what other amazing products they have, you can go to their website on 


G x


**Disclaimer – These products were sent to me by Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics to try and review. They did not ask for a blog post. These are unprompted, honest opinions of my own that I just had to share with my readers!**






I fell in love with the name first! ‘Whipped mud’ sounds fabulous if you ask me. I was also on the hunt for a more hydrating mask while still being something that detoxed, so with the main ingredients being 100% argan oil and Moroccan rhassoul clay, this sounded PERFECT!

This is the fourth Josie Maran product I have owned and properly used, the others being the vibrancy argan oil foundation which you can read about here, the stunning illuminiser which I also previously mentioned in a favourites post and the argan lip sting plumping butter. I’ve loved absolutely everything so far, they all work so beautifully with my skin, the packaging is so luxe and everything about Josie’s ethics and branding really resonates with me. So it wasn’t really a surprise that this too, captured my heart…

So it’s a little pricey at $70 AUD for a 52g pot, but in my humble opinion this is worth the money and you’re about to find out why!

This mask claims to clarify, refine and firm while it nourishes and soothes – I totally agree!

Formula description – Ok so it’s going to be hard for me to really describe the texture of this to you, or maybe not, I’ll just see how this comes out…! It’s basically as you’d expect, a lightweight mud like texture but with moisture in it (duh) so almost feels a tad slimy? Hmm I don’t think that’s the best word I can come up with but anyway it glides onto the skin in a silky way.. As you can see in the picture it also contains natural, fine, exfoliating beads. Just like everything else from the range, it’s organic and cruelty free.

Scent – There is no added scent, it just smells like your typical natural mud mask with a hint of argan, which is also pretty nondescript.

Packaging – A weighty glass pot with the Josie Maran signature rose gold lid and rose gold print. Yeah, it’s pretty nice!

How to use – So it says to apply to a clean, moist face, and wash off after 5-10 minutes (pfft I’m a 30min plus mask kinda girl and I won’t change, mainly due to lazy ass reasons!) I’ve applied to both moist and dry skin and it definitely feels like it works better on moist skin, as when it dries it definitely tightens more? As it’s such a lightweight and moisturising formula it spreads so well, meaning as you massage it around you work the exfoliating beads and also a little goes a long way. This also makes the price tag much more justified! I’ve used it 5 times now and I’m not even a third of the way through the pot.

On removal with water, it emulsifies into a moisturising silky consistency, which is great for working into the skin for one last boost of nourishment. Then, you rinse!

How it feels on the skin – It dries on in with a firming and lifting sensation and does dry to a certain extent, but not in the same way a dry clay mask feels. The first time I tried it, it peeled away from my chin area, I think I may have both applied too much and left it on too long!

My results – My skin has loved this mask just as much as I thought it would. Straight after use my skin has felt instantly smooth, plump, and fresh. Overall my skin has felt nourished, clear and definitely more glowing. Whenever my skin needs TLC, this will be my go to. I am so so happy!

Overall this is everything I want in a mask, its nourishing, detoxifying, it’s luxe and definitely worth the money for the result factor and for how far it actually goes. I would 100% happily own a pot of this forever and a day!


Hope you enjoyed this little review.. Let me know if you’ve tried this or any other Josie Maran products!

G x



**Disclaimer – This product was purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.**



As you may know, I do have a soft spot for this brand and I feel like it’s been Philosophy overload with my last skin care favourites blog post where I chatted about a few things of theirs, and now this! But this was part of a selection pack I had of theirs that I hadn’t tried enough of at the time, (these are 30ml which are smaller than the usual 60ml bottles you buy). Since then I have used it 3 times, with a week in-between and I have loved the results so far.

So what is this Microdelivery peel? – It’s a two-step, microdermabrasion type peel that claims to resurface and rejuvenate sun-damaged hyper-pigmented and ageing skin. So mainly described as best for mature skin although I think things like this are suitable for most skin types, especially this as it didn’t feel too harsh.

“Philosophy: we pioneered a next generation medical microdermabrasion procedure that rapidly resurfaces as it replenishes the skin with vitamin c. The treatment is known as the micro delivery peel”

Step 1..

Step 1 is this orangey coloured vitamin c, peptide (peptide is a type of amino acid) crystal formula. It actually has a fresh orangey citrus scent which I loved.

I took a teaspoon amount of this as instructed, and applied it to clean, dry skin. I then massaged the gritty formula all over my face (avoiding the eye area of course) for 60 seconds. Easy peasy!

Now for step 2…

Step 2 is a clear gel formula, with no scent. It’s the activating part of the peel made up of lactic and salicylic acid. Again a teaspoon of this is needed to activate step 1!

I massaged this all over the top of step 1, and boy what a reaction it had! So on contact with the vitamin c peptide crystals, it instantly created a white foam and also created a thermal reaction. This really made if feel like it was more of a ‘peel’ rather than a standard exfoliation.

After massaging these two together for 2-3 minutes, it then gets rinsed off, such an easy at home facial.

I patted dry and applied my serum and moisturiser.

How often should this be used – Once a week is enough, any more would be too harsh as it does give a good physical exfoliation and a mild chemical reaction.

My Results – So instantly after each use my skin has felt really smooth and looked glowing. I honestly feel as though I have just been for a professional facial it’s fab. It didn’t cause any redness or irritation for me, just a healthy rosey glow which is absolutely fine if you’re using it at home on a day where you have nowhere to go afterwards.

**I might just add that I’ve never had an actual in salon peel before so can’t compare to that, however I’m guessing it’s not anywhere near as potent as one of those, more of a good deep cleaning facial.**

These came in 30ml bottles each and should last me a good few times needing only 1 teaspoon from each once a week. They usually come in 60ml bottles of both parts so 120ml and usually cost around $99AUD which is a great price considering I think it’s as good as an in-salon facial and should give you quite a few uses.

As my first at-home peel type treatment I am really impressed and would feel the need to always have this on hand to brighten and smooth my complexion.

I hope you enjoyed reading this little product review! Until next time..

G x

**Disclaimer – This product was bought by me and all views are honest and my own**


Happy Sunday every one! I hope you’ve all had a great week. (The intro to this did say happy hump day but I didn’t end up finishing this post until today, it’s just been one of those weeks!) I hope you enjoy my usual ‘babble’ of what I’ve been loving in the skin care department.. Let me know in the comment section if there’s anything else you’d like to know or if you’ve tried any of these!

So let’s see what we have here…

First up I have a few Philosophy bits from a mini gift pack I bagged from David Jones really cheap. It was amongst all the reduced Christmas sets although this didn’t actually look like a Christmas special edition. It was a set including 30ml of both the night & day renewed hope in a jar, a 120ml microdelivery exfoliating wash, a 30ml of each part microdelivery peel (which I haven’t even tried yet) and a 30ml purity cleanser (which I’ve used and loved for a long time now). As the purity cleanser was the only thing I had tried I just had to grab it to try the rest.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar – Day & Night

I love Philosophy as a brand so have been interested in using more of their products for a while now, and have always heard good things about the Renewed Hope moisturisers so was excited to try these and they have not let me down!

Both very similar to each other in the way they feel, a luxurious cream gel formula, just the night cream is a tad thicker. They both soak in well with no greasy residue, leaving my skin feeling soft but very supple. Makeup applies beautifully to the day cream as it creates a gorgeous base. The night cream leaves me waking up with calm, soft and plumped out skin. I’ve really enjoyed using these together as I feel the general benefits of this product haven’t been put to their full potential without mixing it up with other moisturisers, and not being 100% sure which one is working the best! These are both working in the same way, keeping my face very smooth, glowy and calm.

My skin is quite normal at the moment, not very oily or dry, and I go from one to the other when winter approaches. But being autumn I feel these are perfect for right now. Although I definitely think I would rely on them when my skin is dry too as it soaks in so beautifully.

They do have a scent, the night being a bit more perfumed than the day, although this hasn’t had any negative affects on me. Like a typical face cream smell (if you get me) but with a fresh citrusy smell mixed in, it reminds me of a perfume I used to own, maybe Dolce & Gabbana light blue?

Would definitely purchase the full size of these as they have been a great, fuss free, smoothing, calming and plumping all round moisturiser, no fault whatsoever!

Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash

The only other thing I’ve tried from that kit for the first time and again, it’s been a solid fault free product. It’s my only physical exfoliator at the moment. It’s a clear gel that foams up slightly and has tiny-tiny micro exfoliants in it. I use it 2/3 times a week and it honestly leaves my skin feeling so soft.

It doesn’t have a scent, and feels quite mild on my skin. Again something I would happily repurchase and keep as a go-to physical exfoliant.

Philosophy Time In A Bottle Serum 42.8ml ($99 AUD)

Ok, Philosophy overload, and no this is not sponsored!! I just love the brand as it’s fuss free, and most of it I’ve tried works well! Including this serum.. It’s an anti ageing, repairing, and preventing serum meaning its healing old damage, preventing future, and treating the current.

The fun part! – So I’m not sure how many other products out there have this concept, but this came in two parts, the main 40ml white glass pump bottle, and a tiny 2.8ml bottle of a red liquid that you add to the larger one and shake together when you first open it, which activates the ingredients. Cool ey?

The consistency is very fluid, and from the addition red solution is pink in colour with the most micro fleck of shimmer through it which probably helps with the appearance of more youthful skin.

I must say it does work well, although haven’t been blown away by this in the sense that I don’t see and feel a huge difference day-to-day. That said I do trust that it’s doing its job and as my skin has been quite well-behaved of late and does look fairly even, I’m just putting it down to my whole regime including this. Some serums just feel so good and really feel like you wake up with new skin or makes makeup apply really nicely, this stuff doesn’t really do any of that, I think it just gets to work quietly on its own and would probably be good as a long-term thing. I’m also at an age (28) where ageing isn’t really that visible, so won’t see a huge difference anyway, but at the same time it IS happening so definitely need to be using anti-ageing products. I am currently using this mostly twice a day, but definitely every night as skincare work harder at night.

I have nothing bad to say about this and am sure it’s doing great things, but as there are so many fantastic serums out there I would probably come back to this further down the track. Would repurchase, just not straight away..

NARS Skin Multi-Action Hydrating Toner 200ml ($46 AUD)

I wanted a simple hydrating toner for the winter as part of my combat against dry skin (last year was the first time ever I suffered with a full face of dry skin, I’ve always been so oily that winter was never a problem but I think it’s from living in Perth as it’s even dry here in the summer. That and maybe getting older?). And as I am pretty positive I’ve heard Caroline Hirons – skin guru say before.. “a good moisturising toner acts as the butter to the sandwich” leaving the avocado as the moisturiser etc etc, get me? So was on a mission to find the right one for the job! After trawling through trusty Mecca’s website and reading all the reviews, this one stood out for me along with the ingredients.

It claims to be a multi purpose toner as it exfoliates the skin, reduces the appearance of pores and evens skin tone. Tick, tick and tick!

It also claims to have light active micro-prisms, algae extract and Polynesian sea water which all sound perfect in a toner.

It smells like a typical good toner, which is not of much but has a subtle gentle old-fashioned skin care scent.

The packaging is one of my favourite things about it. It’s a chunky, solid white cuboid with a nice black pump. Simple things!

This makes my skin feel bright, smooth and moisturised before I even apply my serum etc, and will continue to use this for as long as I can purchase it. A faultless toner I can’t see any reason to change it for anything else, apart from being a beauty junkie that gets way too intrigued by the next thing to come along…

Frank Body Lip Scrub 15ml ($10.95 AUD)

Ok, so I thought I’d be able to sum up that toner in far fewer words but ended up babbling as usual. So let’s see if I can keep a simple lip scrub description simple!

Again, another winter defence product I went on the hunt for, and this one sounded divine! It’s the first product I’ve ever actually tried from Frank Body and the first lip scrub I’ve ever owned, and I’ve not been disappointed! Its 100% natural which I would almost expect in a lip scrub as they aren’t hard to make so anything natural would be unnecessary. Made from ground robusta coffee and coffee seed oil, raw sugar, cold-pressed macadamia oil and ethically sourced beeswax, it tastes like sweet coffee (YUM) and is definitely good enough to eat, I tried.

Does the trick, leaves my lips feeling soft and moisturised after simply rubbing on with a finger, wiping/rinsing off and then leaving a sweet taste on your lips. Even though it does leave an oily/ moisturising film, I then follow with lip balm and I’m all prepped for lippy or bed time depending on when I scrub up!

Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

I was lucky enough to receive this as part of my goodie back when attending the Bloggers United Australia’s 2nd birthday bash at Lush Perth, and am SO happy to have been given the chance to try the things they gave us as I m not sure I would have ended up trying half of it down the track.

This cleanser is a rich, creamy, oily cleanser that’s great at removing makeup and as part of a daily double cleanse.

Lately, as I mentioned in my product review of the Caroline Hirons & Pixi double cleanser I’ve been really enjoying the cleansing routine at night, just really taking my time to enjoy it like a relaxing massage, and this is honestly my favourite product for that! Whether I am using it to remove makeup or just on its own, its the kind of cleanser that you can keep going, and going, just massaging away until you wake up and realise it’s time to get to bed! It’s honestly so thick and oily, I love it!

Its made from almond oil, rose-water, beeswax, honey, along with other lovely skin loving ingredients and smells very natural, more on the honey side which is gorgeous.

After massaging I then take a warm wet flannel and gently wipe it away. It leaves my skin feeling moisturised as it is without really feeling the need to apply moisturiser! I use this once or twice a week for a luxurious cleanse, and will LOVE this all winter to keep my skin super soft and moisturised as well as beautifully clean.


That’s it for all the skin care I’ve been very happy to have introduced to my life of late, a long babbling pst as usual so congratulations and thank you if you make it to the end! I probably need to condense it down to single product reviews, but I usually save those for products that I’m extra excited about! We’ll see… Anyway I will shut up now… Till next time!


G x


**Disclaimer – All of these products (bar one as stated) were bought by me, and all views are honest and my own**