I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been familiar with the Weleda brand until I went to the Bloggers United Australia event way back last October and was kindly gifted their sea buckthorn creamy body wash and their Skin Food rich moisturiser (which I will never not have a tube of by the way, go check it out). Maybe it has been in my peripheral vision while in David Jones while I was looking for something else or maybe the packaging didn’t really do it for me as it’s all very colourful yet simple, whereas I am usually drawn to more sophisticated packaging? Who knows! All I know now is that I see that packaging in a totally different light nowadays and Weleda is now part of my life.

A bit of Weleda background (as sourced from their website)

“Weleda was founded by humanitarian and philosopher Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. He also developed the principles of biodynamic farming and anthroposophical medicine, and today many of these principles are still used to create Weleda products.

Weleda strives to source only the finest ingredients from biodynamic, organic and wild crafted suppliers. We don’t just buy organic ingredients on the open market, we work in partnership with growers to ensure we know where the ingredients are grown, what the soil is like, and how and when the plants are harvested, distilled or processed. It’s our attention to detail that ensures maximum vitality and potency of the ingredients in our products.

It’s for these reasons that Weleda is certified by NATRUE, which has the highest international criteria for natural and organic finished products, not just the ingredients.

Our focus is not only on creating exquisite natural and organic products, but to do so in a way that is ethically, socially and environmentally responsible. For these reasons, the  (UEBT) accredited Weleda as a member. Not only do they demand fair trade, but they work to ensure everyone and everything along the entire growing, harvesting and manufacturing process is treated fairly, with care and respect.”


For a long time I had been a bit slack with my body care i.e. moisturising from head to toe every day simply because I was feeling a bit more conscious about what chemicals I was putting on my body every single day. After all the skin is our largest organ, and does absorb a percentage of whatever we apply to ourselves. Now don’t get me wrong, I still use other gorgeous body lotions and washes that aren’t organic, because there are too many that I love, but as for something I want to use the majority of the time that still feels and smells luxurious and keeps chemical exposure to a minimum, Weleda has been the one for me.

Weleda kindly approached me to see if I would like to try a couple of body care products from their Pomegranate range, and after loving the things I had tried so much before, I jumped at the chance.

They sent me the pomegranate creamy body wash, and their pomegranate regenerating body lotion.

“The Pomegranate line from Weleda is formulated with anti-oxidants aimed at addressing the needs of more mature skin. Weleda Pomegranate Regenerating Body Lotion is formulated to moisturize your skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.”

The Body wash ($17.95 AUD for 200ml)

As it states, it’s such a creamy luxurious formula that lathers up beautifully. The scent is so beautiful, similarly to the sea buckthorn where as it has a rich, sweet but spicy christmassy vibe to it if you get me? Although the main ingredient is pomegranate, it’s also made up of vanilla, sandalwood and blood orange which is what probably reminds me of Christmas! I am obsessed with the scent and want to lather up with it every single day! To sum this up it’s a luxurious creamy body wash that brings out many a warm nostalgic feeling while using, and leaves me feeling soft and guilt free knowing I have only nurtured my body and not harmed in any way from any synthetics.

The Regenerating Body Lotion ($25.96 AUD for 200ml)

I was so excited to receive this because I feel at my current age of 28, I need to start using body lotions that works at regenerating and slowing down the ageing process. This really gave me a healthy glow and almost blurred my skin to just look and feel younger. I have definitely seen a change in my skin since using this, I used it daily leading up to my wedding and couldn’t have asked for a more beautiful solution.

A silky body cream that goes a long way, smells just as beautiful as the body wash and soaks in to leave my skin look glowing and feeling soft and hydrated, not sticky. I will 100% continue to purchase this for every day use, my skin will definitely thank me for it!


I hope you all enjoyed reading about these gorgeous, high-end, but organic and fairly affordable products! (I wish I had more close up snaps but lost my pics and haven’t repurchased yet)

If you’d like to get your hands on any of it you can, here.

G x

** Disclaimer – These products were kindly sent to me by Weleda to try. All views are honest, and my own**



A couple of months has gone since my last ‘Currently Loving’ post where I talked you through my recent favourite makeup, skin and hair products. But this time it’s going to be split up into three separate blog posts because there’s a fair bit more and I wouldn’t want to overwhelm any of you dears!

..So let me show you what makeup I have been literally obsessed with of late…

Tarte – Lights Camera Lashes mascara

I can’t really remember what made me buy this, I was going in on an online Sephora haul and threw it in my basket and oh my days am I glad I did. Maybe it was the price tag I’m not sure because for $29 and a hot description I thought wow that’s a brilliant price for a mascara that claims to do such a good job. So the description says it’s a 4-in-1 mascara – lengthening, curling, volumizing, and conditioning, and days it’s infused with olive esters to condition, treat, and protect lashes. As Tarte is so well-known for its natural, high performance products, I was really keen to give something a go that would help the health of my lashes and not hinder.

It applies so easily from the first coat, most people wouldn’t even go in with a second and I don’t unless I am going out and want a dramatic look then a second coat makes my lashes go BAM! It clings and lengthens my lashes so well it’s actually hard to believe. As it does apply so thickly and well, I would suggest working quickly with it before it clumps but still, there are some high performing, thick mascaras that do that a hell of a lot worse than this. The brush is actually a lot slimmer than most dramatic mascaras I’ve used before which makes it SO easy to use.

A high performing, false lash faking mascara that conditions – I will always rely on this for fool proof beautiful lashes, I am addicted!

La Mer – The Powder Brush

First thing’s first – At $115 AUD this is a pricey bloody brush, and there are many powder brushes out there that work perfectly for a fraction of the price. That said, this was a gift from my very naughty husband after he heard me swooning over it whilst watching Jaclyn Hill’s favourites video. (He is sent from above, I know!) So after giving him a small telling off, I tried it and fell in love. I am sure my other powder brushes (which I still use for every day, this is kept for best!) will come and go whilst this will stay for best and will last me many years to come, therefore I have convinced myself that it is indeed a good investment.

It’s made from super fine natural hair that are packed and shaped in such a way that this feels like a bouncy ball when I use it, it’s so gorgeous to use! It applies my powders so flawlessly and beautifully I am just so relieved I love it so much! Would I go and tell everyone to buy it? If you’re in the market for luxury brushes then yeah, why not! It feels luxurious and is slightly better than other powder brushes I’ve used. If you’re not looking to spend that much them honestly you can live a perfect makeup life with all of the other amazing brands out there. I happily use my EcoTools powder brush for work every day and still absolutely love it!

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Highlighter

(Can I just start by saying I’m a bit bummed by the photos I’ve got of this, nothing was doing it justice!)

I’ve been loving some of the newbies from Benefit lately as you’ll see right here.. When I saw that benefit had released a highlight version of their Dandelion blush I just had to get myself one! As we approach the colder months here in Australia I wanted a light, every day highlight that literally gives you a natural glow without looking warm and shimmery so I took a chance on this and ordered it online. I was so relieved when It came and was exactly what I wanted! It’s a super subtle, pale pink-nude powder that isn’t too pigmented so it great for that barely there every day glow. It also has a lovely scent to it just like the original Dandelion blush. I am going to get a LOT of use out of this. I bought this for around the $50 AUD mark.

Shot with daylight

Shot with flash – as you can see it’s very subtle

Benefit Hoola Lite

This has been another perfect addition to my ‘winter makeup wardrobe’.. Everyone loves the original Hoola, right? It has the perfect tone, and soft matte consistency for contouring and bronzing – as does this but in a much lighter shade. I have never bought a bronzer this light before but because it’s a baby sister to Hoola original I just had to grab one. This is going to get SO much use day-to-day this winter. I have also used this as an eyeshadow base which also worked a dream. Again this is around $50 AUD.

Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour Stick

Last but not least of my Benefit binge is this BEAUTIFUL contour stick ($50AUD). I have never actually used a contour stick before but for the love of Hoola, I just had to buy one! I have no other contour sticks to compare to so I’m not sure what the consistency on others are, but this is so soft and creamy. It glides on perfectly and blends out so well. It feels like it instantly turns to a velvety-soft powder and is so manageable. I love it! The pigment is high when its first applied but blends out very naturally. I am super happy I purchased this!

Swatched on my arm (which looks bruised from an eyeshadow swatch that I clearly didn’t wash off properly!)

Marc Jacobs Remarcable Foundation

After a long time of hearing about this foundation I decided to take the plunge.. The price tag is quite hefty at $79 AUD but it’s definitely worth it. It’s 22ml but as it’s a concentrate with twice as much pigment as most foundations, it still works out quite well because you barely need to use much at all. The first time I used it I definitely used too much, still thinking I wasn’t applying much compared to other foundations I found out it was still too much. You literally need to dab a dot on each side of your face and maybe one of your forehead and neck and you’re set to blend. Then it’s best to build from that if need be, but you’ll honestly only need to add a very small amount on top, even if you have blemishes. I say ‘dab’ because it has a round nib that you dispense from, not in squeezy pipette form, literally just a hard nib.

The formula is extremely lightweight, which I love for such a high coverage foundation. When first applying it almost accentuates every pore and pit, as it’s so fluid like, but as it gets more blended out and dries, it completely mattifies and covers everything up flawlessly.

When on the skin it feels really comfortable and light weight. Skin looks totally flawless and matte while still looking glowy. It doesn’t cake or blend funny like some high coverage foundations can around the nose and places. It’s a fool-proof foundation that’s totally worth the money!

It lasts for as long as you need it to, and looks just as fresh as when first applied hours in.. I am keeping this for best for nights out so expect it to last a good while and get good quality makeup looks from it. A beautiful foundation!

I hope you enjoyed reading all about my recent favourite pieces of makeup. Let me know what you’ve been loving lately, I’m always (a little too) enthusiastic to find out about lovely new products..

Keep an eye out for my current skin care and hair care favourite blogs coming soon…

G x

** Disclaimer – Everything in this post was bought by me, and all views are honest, and mine **