I’ve had a pretty standard evening cleansing routine for a while now consisting of micellar water for makeup removal, then the Philosophy Purity cleanser to wash. It’s served me well for a while and will continue to.. I have tried many cleansing products/routines which I have loved but nothing has really tempted me as much as this. I know I’ve been lazy in not introducing a more luxurious/nourishing cleanse into my life whether it be for one or two nights a week so this is a very welcome addition to my routine, especially with winter here in Australia around the corner my skin will go dry so this is great for that. Having said that this is great for all skin types.

I only received this double cleansing product in the mail from an ASOS order a few days ago and have used it for 3 consecutive days. I have been so blown away by how gorgeous this is I just had to come on here and tell you guys! Plus it’s still a fairly new product on the market, it needs to be shouted from the rooftops!

Pixi is a skin care brand which admittedly I have not yet tried anything from, but I’m thinking their Glow Tonic is going to be ordered tonight while I relax with my glass of wine as I’ve heard so many great things about it! Caroline Hirons is a skin care guru/blogger/YouTuber who is just so lovely to follow I really respect her as a beauty guru because she knows her freakin stuff when it comes to skin care! I believe Pixi contacted Caroline to do a collaboration and with a lot of hard work to get it perfect, this is what Caroline came up with and she did not disappoint..

Double cleansing isn’t a new thing, it’s something that’s recommended to be a part of anyone’s cleansing routine, especially if you wear makeup! I have double cleansed in many ways, from using oil based cleansers such as the Clarins pure melt or Clinique take the day off balm, followed by a face wash, to using micellar water or cream cleansers again followed by whatever face wash I have (it’s been Philosophy Purity for an age now but it works!)

This however is so brilliant because it’s the first of it’s kind where they’ve combined two different types of cleansers, a solid oil for step one, and a cleansing cream for step two, in a pretty ‘ying-yang’ style pot! How perfect is that?

Just as the lid states, see the solid cleansing oil on the left and the cream cleanser on the right.

How to use it

Ok, so you start by scooping a ‘coin sized’ amount out of the hard cleansing oil, smear it your hands once and then work it into your makeup. This will instantly lift all makeup be it light or stubborn. The true test for me was how it melted my mascara as I like to wear a few coats! It dissolved the mascara along with everything else perfectly. You then grab a wet flannel and gently wipe it all away. Now when your skin is moist, you take the same amount of the cream cleanser and work that into your skin to remove any excess oil cleanser, clean a bit deeper and to really nourish the skin! This step is then followed again by the wet flannel and that’s it, you’re done!

I absolutely love cleansing in this way as it feels like such a calming, luxurious night-time ritual and leaves my skin feeling unbelievably smooth and clean I can’t stop touching my face! I always feel so happy with myself when I find something I can add to my all time favourites, I can see me repurchasing this for a long time to come! I will continue to use my trustee Philosophy Purity cleanser in the mornings, but this will definitely be taking its place most evenings. I’m in love!

The nourishing ingredients found in this cleanser as stated on the box are..

  • Vitamin E (protects & conditions)
  • Camellia Oil (omega rich & nourishes)
  • Evening Primrose Oil (heals & moisturises)
  • Vitamin C (promotes collagen & protects)
  • Peptide Complex (line relaxing & plumping)
  • Arginine (improves cell renewal & elasticity)

How much does it cost?

If you’re in the UK it’s £24.00 and here in Australia I bought it from ASOS for $47.00 AUD. For this price you get 50ml of each cleanser


A beautiful, easy to use, simple yet luxurious cleanser that I am very excited to own!


Take care…   G x




I was lucky enough to get sent a whole 980g tub of ‘Help Hair’ whey protein drink that claims to promote hair health and growth, and to drop a spoiler in straight away, (and because I only come on here to big up, not bash) I have been absolutely blown away! It came into my life a few months before I got married so I thought just like everything else I was trying to keep in good condition, this would really give my hair a boost for the big day!

So what exactly is Help Hair?

It’s a 100% natural whey protein drink, free of sugar and nasty artificial sweeteners, just like any post work out drink but with special added ingredients such as hair health boosting Chinese herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. It was developed by a leading hair loss specialist and claims to help the condition, strength and growth of hair. It currently comes in two flavours, vanilla and chocolate. (I tried chocolate)


How I used it..

The daily amount needed for women is just half a scoop, and for men 1 whole scoop. This means that the 980g tub lasted me just over 3 months which I think makes the $82 AUD price tag totally justifiable, along with my personal results. I got into the habit of having it as a little night-cap just before bed, as it has such a delicious, creamy chocolate flavour and, as you only need half a scoop, it doesn’t feel a great big post work out type meal. That said though it can be used as part of your post work out regime as it is made of whey protein. I sometimes added it into smoothies. It does say though that it cannot be used with soy milk for some reason, so keep to almond like I did or what ever other milk you like to drink.. I blitz it in my NutriBullet and I’m good to go!

How does it taste?

I am SO fussy when it comes to the taste of protein powders, I have had my stomach turn by too many artificial, or just plain dodgy tasting ones. Over the last couple of years though during times where I train, (which is very on and off) I have used LA muscle, which I love as it is natural, has good quality ingredients in it and is sweetened using stevia. This reminds me so much of that. I tried the chocolate one and the flavour of it is so delicious and creamy, and the quality is so good. I must add that it doesn’t taste of weird and wonderful Chinese herbs at all which I had initially worried about. I just really look forward to drinking it each night after dinner. Especially knowing I’m also giving myself lots of nutrients before I sleep..


Ok so now on to the bit you’re probably here to read…

The results!

I am quite lucky in the sense that my hair has always grown fairly quickly and has decent thickness. I do however have it bleached using foils so it does take some looking after.. I get it trimmed regularly, I don’t use heat on it all that often, and I like to use oils and treatments.

However, after using this for 3 months it really blew my mind as it made it grow even faster which was literally an out of control feeling! I had an appointment at the hair dressers a couple of weeks before my wedding for a colour so had to wait it out as I didn’t want it done too early because I would have had to get it done again.. I was actually embarrassed by the growth because there’s trendy ‘balayage’, and then there’s disgustingly long root growth, mine had all of a sudden turned to the latter!

Viva La Blonde, the hair dressers I went to for my colour tend to take before and after photos of their colours for Instagram, and I was so shocked to see the root growth in my ‘before’ photo, I’ll pop it down below so you can actually see! All was well though once the colour was done, and I was SO happy I had used this product leading up to it as my hair looked and felt AMAZING in a fuller, longer way than usual even with good general hair TLC..

The ‘delightful’ roots before on the left, and my rather tired grumpy looking self with my hair did on the right!


My long, healthy hair on my wedding day.

Down sides..

Nothing bad to report at all, the taste and results have been exceptional. That said, my hair did feel a lot more oily, but that may be from the root growth as having my roots un-bleached does tend to make it feel oilier. I don’t know.. I still see that as a positive though as it keeps the moisture locked in and with a little dry shampoo all was good!

Where to buy it..

I believe you can get this all over the world but for those living in Australia you can get it here for $82 AUD which is a 980g tub and lasts around 3 months if used as directed.


Ingredients (Taken from the Help Hair website)

Niacin (vitamin B3) 200% DV (Daily Value) improves circulation including blood flow in the scalp
Folate 100% DV a B vitamins to help reduce the impact of stressors
Vitamin B12 100% DV a B vitamin to help reduce the impact of stressors
Biotin 833% DV Deficiency can cause hair loss
Zinc 133% DV Enhances immune function, which can stimulate hair growth
Manganese 100% DV essential to proper hair growth, deficiency is associated with hair loss
Foti Root (Ho Shou Wu or Polygonum multiflorum) a popular Chinese herb traditionally used for many reasons, including to darken premature gray hair, hair darkening, hair thickening and hair regrowth
Kudzo Root Chinese herb, the second richest plant source of isoflavenones which researchers believe may have a positive effect on blood flow and micro-circulation
Pumpkin Seed may help regulate testosterone levels
Honeysuckle Flower helpful for skin health
Chrysanthemum Flower used in Chinese medicine may have anti-inflammatory properties
PABA may help restore greying hair to its original colour
Chlorophyll in chocolate flavoured Help Hair™ shake can remove sebum which carries DHT
Help Hair™ Protein shake contains the natural sweetener stevia and an added proprietary amino acid blend in a specific ratio including:

L-Cystine, L-Isoleucine, L-Arginine, L-Leucine, L-Lysine, L-Phenylalanine, L-Threonine, L-Valine, L Aspartic acid, L-Serine, L-Glutamic Acid, L-Proline, L-Glycine, L-Alanine, L-Tyrosine, L-Histidine, Amino acids are the building blocks of the body, including hair.


I would definitely recommend this to anyone long-term who struggles with thin/thinning, slow-growing or brittle hair, and for those who are fairly happy with their hair and maybe just need a boost for an event coming up or during winter months when things slow down a little, I would recommend to take it as a 3 month course like I did.




Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. The product was gifted for reviewing purposes and these are my own, honest views.