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Hello everyone! I feel like it has been a really long time. My last blog was only a little product review around one month ago which isn’t too bad but still, I need to catch up and keep up to share with you all the things that have been impressing me at all times because that’s what I a here to do right!?

I do have a valid reason for being so absent on here and Instagram for the last few weeks, and that is because I got married!! I also had some dear friends come visit from the UK to stay here in Oz with us for a few weeks so it’s been a wonderful but crazy busy old-time! I wish I had planned to blog about wedding things but that just went totally by the way side.. I will however hopefully show you one day soon what makeup I used on my big day as I’m always nosey with that one!

For today I just want to chat about all the beauty products I am currently loving (I used to do monthly favourites but I don’t like to chop and change often enough to do that). So here are a few of the skin care, makeup and haircare products I’ve been recently loving…



L’Oreal Skin Expert Paris pure clay masks – These are absolutely fab. I have always preferred to spend a bit more on masks as I think because they are used once or twice a week they need to actually really work. These however for a drug store product these are brilliant! They come in 3 types and I have been swapping between the 3 each week for around a month or two now. They retail at $19.99 AUD but I managed to get my hands on these from Priceline during a 40% sale!

Detoxifying and brightening 3 pure clays and charcoal mask – As much as I love them all, this is my favourite as I have always relied on charcoal for the exact benefits stated on the tin with this one! To detoxify, and draw out all the impurities, and to give my skin a bright, fresh glow. I have sworn by the Origins charcoal mask for a while now so was hoping this would live up to that and it definitely does. It keeps my skin calm, and pure week after week! I will definitely be repurchasing this.

Purifying and mattifying 3 pure clays and eucalyptus mask – So this is my close second favourite mask as it works very similarly to the charcoal one in the sense it dries hard and you can see the oils and impurities been drawn out. I’ve leaned towards this when I have a couple of blemishes which haven’t been that bad lately, touch wood! But for instance a couple of days before my wedding I came up in these bizarre small spots under my mouth which I’ve never had before, I think they may have been from wearing too much lip balm to bed as I was trying to keep them moisturised for the big day! So this formula really helped treat those spots and calm my skin like an antibacterial effect.

Exfoliating and smoothing 3 pure clays red algae mask – So last but by no means least by much, as I really like this one but not as much as the other two, is this exfoliating mask. It is full of little exfoliating lumps/beads I am not sure if that’s the algae itself. It sits there until dry, and when it comes to washing it off you buff them around the skin to exfoliate as part of the treatment. My skin feels nice and soft afterwards! It doesn’t appear to draw oils out or feel tight on your face which I like to see, but the formula and the beads must work because I do like the feel of my skin afterwards.

Alpha-H Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel

I have been absolutely loving this product as my daily moisturiser. It’s my 3rd Alpha-H product and I have not been let down so far, I have chatted about the liquid gold in a blog post which you can click here to read about and also the Alpha-H daily essential 30spf moisturiser which you can read about in my 4 facial products I won’t be without this summer blog post which you can click here to have a gander at! Anyway back to this little beauty… I had been using the daily essentials spf 30+ moisturiser which was honestly so lovely and not greasy or heavy, but as the summer got hotter I really felt like my skin needed something really light and gel-like so being on the Alpha-H wagon at the moment hunted this down. It’s a clear gel, quite runny so be careful when squeezing it out! It glides all over the skin so lovely and refreshing, and soaks in to a clean dry base. It makes my pores feel sealed, keeps oil at bay and has kept my overall skin appearance more calm and matte during these hot Australian summer months! It contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, cotton seed extract and eucalyptus which are all excellent for the skin. It does however state that it does have an ingredient derivative to aspirin, so if you have an aspirin allergy, do not use this! If you don’t, and have oily skin then I highly suggest you try it! I am going to stick with this till the end of summer with some SPF spritzed over the top. You can buy this here for around $34 AUD.

Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream – Now I don’t really have wrinkles a such, but I can definitely notice the skin around my eyes needing a bit more TLC than it used to so wanted to find a new eye cream with a bit of a boost! I have always used eye creams, I love the Clinique all about eyes, and would definitely use it again but during the Priceline 40% skin care sale I noticed this. It has ‘accelerated Retinol SA’ which is apparently a combination of retinol SA and glucose complex which is meant to do a good job in one way or another! It also has hyaluronic acid which I love as it keeps your skin nice and plump. I’ve been using this for nearly a month now and I am loving the results, the skin around my eyes looks smooth and firm and another bonus is my eye makeup goes on even nicer! It also has SPF in it so this is definitely a strong favourite of mine for the foreseeable!


Josie Maran Argan Enlightment Illuminiser 

I have absolutely loved everything I’ve tried from Josie’s range so far. I’ve been a devoted user of the vibrancy foundation which I raved about in this blog post a few months back and have also had a sample of the pure argan oil which is obviously great for both hair and skin. This little beauty is absolutely stunning and can be used in a few different ways and has skin loving ingredients in it too. It’s a concentrated liquid illuminiser so can be used lightly on you high points as a stunning highlight or my personal favourite has been mixing it in with my foundation to create a glow from within. Because it contains argan oil, madonna lily and poets narcissus (flower extracts) I really feel like it’s doing my skin good like skin care unlike most traditional makeup which is something I really love to benefit from in makeup lately.

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder

I know I am really late to this party but I only got this a month or two ago and I honestly don’t know what took me so long! This powder is like actual silk on my face and sets my makeup perfectly I feel airbrushed! Apparently the key ingredient is the finest french cashmere talc which has unique light reflecting properties.. Magic! It’s also great for baking although I still mainly use my RCMA for that because of the amount wasted during baking and that’s just much cheaper and still a great product. You can buy this magic powder for around $62 AUD here!

Burts Bees Lipstick in ‘Nile Nude’

Again, a makeup product that works well but is beneficial for you. YES! I have only tried this shade which is just fabulous for every day as it’s a gorgeous pinky nude and not too pale as that does not suit me at all unfortunately, but is 100% natural and moisturises all day. The pigment and colour pay off is just amazing I don’t know how they create something like this from all natural ingredients but they have. It lasts a long time and feels moisturising and balmy while looking like a high-end lipstick. Such a winner!


Evo Fabuloso Platinum Blonde Colour Intensifying Conditioner

I have always used Fudge clean blonde shampoo for colour correcting my blonde hair, but the last time I was at Viva La Blonde in Perth getting my colour done, they said they could tell straight away that I was using it and advised me not to. Apparently they could see the build up and dullness that particular brand causes which I hadn’t really noticed until they showed me. They advised me to use this conditioner and I have been absolutely loving it! It is pretty dark purple in colour, but not quite as dark as the Fudge shampoo. I wash my hair twice a week and use this once a week. It has really brightened and treated my blonde hair to make it feel more silky and look more vibrant! I never thought I would see the day where I would be saying goodbye to my Fudge shampoo, and I had never really imagined using a colour correcting conditioner but this has well and truly taken its place! You can buy it here for around $40 AUD.

Evo Ritual Shampoo

While buying my Evo conditioner from Adore beauty I thought I would check out one of their shampoos as this was my first time ever trying this brand. I wanted something that would really cleanse my hair and strip it of any build up, but while giving it the conditioning treatment it needs and this certainly delivered! Pairing these together has worked wonders for me and have felt such a difference in strength and shine over the last month! How very nice to meet you, Evo.. (Buy it here for around $30 AUD)

Wella Luxe Oil

Now this stuff is back in my life at the moment but is by no means new to my life. I have alternated between this and the Moroccan Oil brand for years now and I can honestly say I will always and forever alternate between the two. I always think it’s good to switch things up or your hair/skin will get too used to them, so buying these alternate brands of hair oil each time I run out works perfectly for me. Ok so this luxe oil by Wella professionals is light weight, but so amazingly moisturising! It soaks right in to wet or dry hair (I use it on both), it makes brushing a doddle, and it make my hair feel SO silky. It contains many different natural oils and is described as a reconstructive elixir which is most definitely is. The best bit though is the smell, oh my days it is a so good I could eat it, sweet but expensive smell. You can buy 100ml  here for around $46 AUD but it lasts a long time as you don’t need much at all.

It’s been so good to sit here and go off on a tangent about all the things I have been loving lately! Life has been a bit crazy for a good 6 months but is getting back to more of a good routine again now and I have so much I can’t wait to chat about to you.. Speak soon!

G x


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