Hey guys! So I’m sure most of you have seen or even tried one of those very black, very shiny peel off masks that have been all over social media. I was so intrigued to see how they worked, so I got in touch with the Cosmetic Distributors Australia guys who are based here in Perth and luckily they were up for allowing me to try a tube of the Shills purifying peel-off mask they supply, and share my experiences with you! I was intrigued obviously because the novelty of it looks cool, who doesn’t love a peel off mask? But mainly because of its ingredient – activated charcoal. I have used other charcoal face masks and have absolutely loved them! They really do it great job of detoxing, vitalising and calming my skin and I personally think this secret beauty ingredient is one of the best and effective to come into the main stream of late.

What is claims to do..

On the tube it says it..

  • Increases vitality
  • Is deep cleansing
  • Removes dulling surface cells and impurities
  • Vitamins and plant extract soften the skin to restore a youthful glow

How to apply (as per the Cosmetic Distributors website)

  • Clear your face free of creams, oil and make-up; wash and pat dry
  • Apply a nice even amount to black head prone areas, avoiding sensitive areas such as eyes, lips, eye-brows and your hairline; the thickness should just be sufficient to cover up the pores *If you have very dry skin, apply your toner first
  • Wait 15 to 30min to dry; watch it turn from Gloss to Matt
  • Slowly peel off the mask in an upward direction; chin to forehead
  • Clean off any residue left by the mask with a cotton pad and a toner of your choice
  • Re-apply toner with a fresh cotton pad in an upward direction to your whole face to help tighten and cleanse the pores thoroughly
  • Finish with a moisturiser of your choice; night cream preferable

My First Experience!

I feel like most people who’ve tried this probably have a story of the first time they tried this compared to how they use it in the times after, because if you’re like me and love slapping that mask on all over to cover every pore, then think again with this mask! I made the mistake of covering my whole entire face and I must warn you, once it came to pulling it off it hurt like hell! It really sticks to your face so if you have baby/peachy hairs towards the outer of your face, they will get waxed out! Which may be a good thing for some but as I said, it hurt! I also applied it too close to my under eye, which I had tried to keep away from but it still wasn’t far enough, so pulling it off around that area was difficult and obviously won’t be good for that type of skin. It also tingled like crazy after the first use, but I haven’t noticed it since so maybe all the tiny hairs it pulled out aren’t there to pull anymore? I don’t know!

So my main tip would be to literally apply it to where you pores are largest, such as the middle of the forehead, the nose, the centre of the cheeks (not all the way to the peachy hairs) and the chin. The first couple of times it did draw out a couple of blemishes but I expected that with something like this, and has not happened the last few weeks.

How it feels directly after use..

Ok so once I pull it off, (which can be very satisfying once you’ve mastered the areas to avoid) I notice my skin feels SO smooth like baby smooth, and I think this is partly down to the lovely ingredients including the activated charcoal, vitamins and plant extracts. But I can definitely agree with the tube when it says it removes dulling surface cells because it does feel like your skin has had an exceptional exfoliation.

A few uses down the line..

I’ve used this at least once, sometimes twice a week for the last 5 weeks and I have loved the effect it’s had, I wanted to use something to really detox and vitalise me leading up to my wedding and it’s done just that. Like I said it did draw some impurities out and caused a couple of blemishes the first couple of times I used it, but ever since then it’s kept my skin radiant and so  well-behaved! I love it!

Where to buy and how much..

If you’re looking to buy this and live in Australia, then you can for $15.00 along with FREE postage by clicking here. They also have a great deal where if you buy 2 or more you can get 1 free! I think the price is fantastic compared to other charcoal masks you can get, and this stuff works wonders!


Me looking less than attractive with the areas I’d advise to cover!!

Happy peeling!



Hello everyone!

The idea to write this blog post came to me a day or two post-Christmas, while unwinding after the busy festivities and finally having some head space to reflect over the year gone by! I didn’t think I would be writing a blog post until the new year for reasons, one being I had sort of put blogging on the back burner for a couple of weeks, (which actually feels good when you let yourself have time out without feeling guilty) just because I was too busy, causing lack of inspiration and drive (you bloggers out there will get my drift!). Another reason being I just didn’t feel I had enough in the way of new & exciting things to chat about! But here I am..

I hope you enjoy!

This is my first chit-chat kinda blog post so if you’re here to read about beauty, that will have to wait until January I’m afraid! Although I’m really excited to get stuck into more product reviewing, advice sharing and general chit-chat as well as expanding to lifestyle posts too, so watch this space..!

For now I just want to show gratitude to my new hobby and the community that comes with blogging.

Finding ‘Blog-Life’ In 2016

2016 has been a funny little year, a lovely journey with new experiences. One of the best things I decided to do was to start blogging which is the main premise of this reflection post. Having only started in August of this year, it’s really excited me how many satisfying and enjoyable little things that has come from it and felt it worth a recap, chat about my blogging journey so far and share my goals for 2017 regarding my fun new hobby!

2016 was full of many special moments including visits from my parents and my partner’s parents to Australia from the UK, a visit to the UK by us for my partner’s 30th, I became an AUNTIE to a beautiful baby boy Noah (where you can actually read about his little life along with some other amazing things and opportunities in sister’s blog here), I changed workplaces, my partner and I got engaged, I finally got braces again (at the age of 28), and I started my awesome hobby, beauty blogging! All in all I find that to be quite fulfilling..

All of this makes me feel very blessed, and have had many happy moments which make me feel very lucky. But like a lot people, all has not been without its difficult times, which has not stopped me or my partner perusing any of these things which makes me feel quite proud! This is one of the reasons I look back at this year and think ‘hell yeah’ and it makes me realise nothing should get in the way of creating the life you want.

It also makes me want to encourage anyone else to just go for it, no matter how big or small, or how much you think certain things should get in the way, whether its a new hobby, or a completely new direction!

As I said I started beauty blogging in August. Not entirely sure what triggered me to start as it was never something I’d ever really thought of, despite the fact my whole life from early teens to now I’ve always been SO enthusiastic about beauty and makeup, as well as many other things and LOVE to share my thoughts and tips with friends and family..

One thing that did push me in this direction was I was at a time in my life where I needed to jump into something new when life kind of had to be put on hold for a while in one sense or another. My partner got made redundant in July and for silly Visa reasons still can’t work but that’s another story.. Luckily we are both very positive people and haven’t let it bother us! We’ve carried on life as normal as possible, just without much socializing or spending! Which you may think would make beauty blogging hard but it honestly hasn’t! We realised we had to buckle our belts, and find new ways of enjoying life – for me it was finding the best hobby in the world and only wish I had taken it up sooner!

Beauty blogging has been so fulfilling during this time as it has kept me busy and creative and I’ve loved every minute!

Starting off, I already had lots in the way of beauty products to photograph and talk about to keep me going for a while so jumped right in. From that, putting in the daily commitment and using my creative side, my following on Instagram has grown at an encouraging rate for me, as has my blog site! This has led to brands wanting to collaborate, and a couple of PR companies reaching out, and I know I’m only touching the tip of the iceberg which is very exciting! I get so excited and inspired when companies recognise my enthusiasm and passion for what I do and can’t wait to continue into 2017!

So as many of the bloggers out there already know, this is the best hobby in the world! You get to be creative with writing, photography AND get to try out so many wonderful, exciting products! It’s a dream hobby for a girl like me and I can’t wait to see how much I can achieve with it.

Another little fun fact I think is quite encouraging to those of you who may want to start blogging but think you’re not equipped with the right camera etc is.. I have taken all my photos on my iPhone 4s! (Reason being moving to Oz with a British contract and waiting for life to settle before committing/affording a new one) ..Now I don’t know whether to be embarrassed by that or super proud! I know my content doesn’t look anywhere near professional, but I think that’s a darn good start, seen as I view this last 4 months as just my introduction into the blogging world. The enjoyment and satisfaction I’ve had from my experience so far only makes me more excited and encouraged for how I can improve into next year!

Another positive I can take from this blogging experience is the people I have met already, both online and in person from things like the Bloggers United Australia event I attended a couple of months back. Experiences like that, meeting lovely new people and finding inspiration from others wouldn’t have happened without me starting this little venture and I never knew this community was ever something I’d be a part of so soon!

So overall, as well as all the wonderful things 2016 has brought me, blogging has given me a super fun hobby, which has given me so much inspiration to keep improving, learning and connecting. It’s allowed me to get creative and look forward to continuing, as it really is something that if you push on, and keep the passion it will only continue to grow and give more back!

My Blog Goals For 2017

As much as I have LOVED beauty blogging with the means and ways I’ve had, along with the very fortunate collaborations and amazing products that have come my way, I am ITCHING to up my game!

There are so many exciting products I have my eye on to try, and share my thoughts on, and there are brands that I would absolutely love to connect with and work alongside..   “Believe and you will achieve!”

I also can’t wait to be able to purchase some new equipment, a new phone to start! A camera, and lots of lovely props to improve my content and photography! The creativity in this game is endless and that is so flipping exciting!

If anyone can recommend a great DSLR then do comment on this post, I’d love to know!

Improving my photos and content! – I am nowhere near where I want to be..

I am also going to inject a little bit of lifestyle into my blog, because as well as beauty I am also very passionate about so many other things, so would find it a shame if I didn’t channel my enthusiasm for those on my little space too!

Things I’ve Learned About Blogging

It’s the attitude I went into this with, but the most important thing with blogging is consistency and effort! It’s something you have to work at most days whether it’s seeking new inspiration, posting a photo/blog post daily or weekly, or learning something new every day (and there is A LOT to learn as I’m still finding out). Hence why this has been a really good thing to get stuck into and keep my occupied when I needed it! Some days are harder than others when it comes to inspiration or motivation which is fine, it’s good to take a couple of days off to recharge, rethink new ideas or directions which I often do then it flows right back in!

Another thing I’ve always been good at in real life and is important with this game is not comparing yourself to others! It’s sometimes hard to do with all the successful bloggers and creative talent, but just stick to doing YOU, be true to yourself, get a bit better each day and people will love you for you. After all, it’s a lot to do with the personality they are following not just the pretty pictures!

Engage with other bloggers, and your followers! It’s not always easy but its good to try as best you can, as like I said people will follow your personality as much as your content! I’ve come across a few ignorant and rude people, some who think this ‘industry’ is a competition, but mostly met really lovely people and can’t wait to meet more!

I do this for me and am enjoying my experience, I’m learning every day and just know 2017 has a lot in store for this journey!

I hope this rambling reflection wasn’t too long and boring for you! I feel it was quite therapeutic and just went with it…

I hope you have the best 2017 possible, I know I’m determined to make mine amazing!

G x