I bought this Hourglass stick foundation from Mecca a couple of weeks ago after hearing great things and was so excited to try it, even though for some reason I’ve not  ever really fancied the idea of a stick foundation.. I remember having Benefit Play Sticks years and years ago, but didn’t get into it. Probably because it was it was around the time I was too scared to play around with anything I wasn’t 100% sure worked with my rather oily skin at the time, plus I didn’t have the magical foundation brushes I do today so said ‘meh’ to it and probably threw it out years later during an annual-ish makeup clear out! That said after trying this I would be tempted to buy that again as I am now stick foundation OBSESSED! Why am I obsessed? I will tell you!

Reasons why I am obsessed with this foundation…!

  • The easiest foundation I have ever used!! – After watching some YouTubers apply this I was just so tempted because of how easy it looked, and it so is!
  • The texture – It has such a buttery, silky smooth texture, so it glides onto your skin without pulling it whatsoever.
  • The coverage – It literally covers so well within the first blending motion, without looking cakey, an absolute full coverage dream!
  • The finish – The pigment in this baby is on another level, but the finish is just divine.. A glowy, smooth, baby-skin like finish that sometimes I don’t even want to even slightly change it by adding powders etc.
  • A little goes a long way – It can be built up beautifully, but you probably won’t need to much, even if you have lots of imperfections like me.
  • It’s lightweight – Even though it’s full coverage, it’s SO lightweight it feels like my actual skin all day.

How do I apply it?

I literally swipe a couple of lines down each cheek, a few dots along my jaw line/neck, a small swipe on my chin and a line across my forehead. That part alone takes seconds!

The mildly scary part (not really) especially for me, although it’s better with a really pore filling primer, is as it glides over your skin it’s obviously going to skim over large pores so you will probably see some emphasised little holes where the pores lie. Do not fear because as soon as you blend it out with a buffing brush, pores be gone! I advise to use a soft, dense, synthetic buffing foundation brush, my favourite being my trustee Morphe M439. You can use a damp beauty sponge to make it look even more natural but I honestly haven’t even bothered, it looks that finished so quickly. There is also a brush that Hourglass sell to match this foundation which looks lovely and would definitely love to try, but honestly can’t see anything beating my Morphe.

More about the final finish..

So I briefly mentioned earlier how this foundation looks, but let me emphasise again just how beautiful this foundation really is! (One day soon I will own a decent camera and show things on my actual face, but I never feel my crappy old phone does most of these products any justice!)

As soon as you start to buff it out, the coverage and smoothing/blurring effect it has is an absolute dream! I usually like to try foundations out when I have nowhere to go as every one is different and I feel need getting used to, but I happened to try this first before work one day and was blown away by how quick, easy and fool-proof it was to apply. It gives a dewy finish, but not shiny, as there’s a fine like which I am always weary of. It almost looks too perfect to spoil with any other makeup so would happily wear it on its own as a quick, flattering fix for any occasion, but when covered with powder and bronzer, still comes through as the dewy, flawless, miracle makeup that it is!

How does it last?

Ok so if left untouched, I feel like it’s still too good to take off at the end of a long day and for me that’s saying something! So it’s definitely long-lasting, with the finish not spoiling throughout the day at all. That said, if you tend to touch your face, do expect it to transfer a bit, but unless you do it definitely isn’t a foundation that will slide off or even feel remotely close to doing so. Things like sunglasses will definitely affect the foundation if pressed against, but again, if managed is not a huge problem for me. As it is slightly transferable it’s easy to remove with makeup remover, but again won’t do so until you get those cotton pads physically onto it (if you get me!?).

Shade range

There are at least 26 shades, including warm, neutral and cool tones, and I definitely want to buy a couple in a darker and lighter shade for contouring, it would work so well!

The price

On the higher end of the price scale at around $67AUD, but personally, I don’t think you can put a price on a flawless face, especially of this calibre. Well worth the money for me. It’s a 7g stick so will also have to see how long that lasts as to whether I think it’s 100% worth it, but even if it doesn’t last as long as I would like, I would still feel it 99% worth it!


Overall I think this is a stunning, smoothing, blurring, full coverage foundation which feels lightweight and baby-soft. I would also like to apologise to my purse once again as this will be yet another addition to the permanent makeup collection re-purchases!





Hey guys! Some of you may know I migrated from the less than average summers of the UK, to the guaranteed beautiful but often fierce summers of Western Australia, and this week is the first week of Aussie summer! I have really had to change my way of summer product shopping and get to know what works when you’re trying to look your best while sweltering away! The Aussie market obviously has you covered for being summer ready, but now the beauty industry is really upping their game with sun protection and makeup that does not get affected by said heat (Praise the lord!). I must say though, where I live in Perth, we are lucky in the sense that summer time here is not generally humid, it’s mainly just dry and breezy which helps A LOT! Still the products I’ll show you today are still my absolute saviour!

15328365_10153828702866642_542092183_nJurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

As you’ll soon discover from this post, I am a facial spritz freak! So naturally I adore this beautiful mist from Jurlique. Containing rose extract, marshmallow, aloe and essential oils, it’s full of skin loving ingredients to really refresh, balance and energize my skin! It can be used before moisturising or over makeup. I use it over my bare face, or over makeup, and reapply during the day for a refreshing burst of energy! (I do not use this as sun protection as it does not contain SPF.)

The reason I love this in the summer so much is because I keep it in the fridge, so when it comes to cooling down and having a little pick-me-up, it’s the best thing EVER! You can buy it here for $35AUD for a 50ml bottle, or a very reasonable $49AUD for 100ml.



Mecca Cosmetica Sunbrella Invisible Sunspray SPF50+

I am personally loving this super handy protection mist! I find applying and reapplying sunscreen such a pain in the bum, but here in Oz it’s something you can’t skip. I love being outdoors, and I love socialising with a cold one in the sun. This often means for me, doing my makeup nicely and not having the ways or means to ‘slip, slop, slap’ in the middle of my outing, therefore reapplying sun lotion just isn’t going to be convenient for me! I also walk 45 minutes to and from work, so by the end of the day the application from 8 hours earlier isn’t going to work, so a quick mist of this as I had back out after a busy day is just fantastic – This handy little spray makes life so much easier!

As we’ve had plenty of nice hot weather so far, I’ve had the chance to try it over makeup while being out and about and just on its own. It is a quick drying solution so doesn’t interfere with makeup and doesn’t make you greasy.

The smell at first I thought was really nice, but if you apply quite a lot it can be a bit overpowering, so if you’re sensitive to perfumey smells then do give it a sniff in the shop first! Once it’s dried though it really is no problem for me.

I might add, that I will probably only use this around my face, neck and shoulders, or areas that are in the sun more while dressed on a casual day out. If I am going to have a beach day, I would still spritz it over my face neck and chest but will be using my usual lotions for an all over body application. This is personally just for those little outings that require that little help while not having to go the whole hog with the lotions. So thank you Mecca Cosmetics for this little gem, I can see this $42AUD (120ml) being some of my best spent this summer!


Alpha H Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+

Ok, so more sun protection because there’s no sun thing as too much! I must admit I have always been a bit of a sun worshipper back in the UK, but here in Oz it’s just too risky, not to mention I’m getting to the age where ageing is something to consider also! So I’m very dedicated to finding great sun protecting products.

I fell in love with Alpha H when I tried their Liquid Gold, so when looking for a summer moisturiser with SPF I was excited to see their range. So for every day, even when it doesn’t feel that hot it’s still important to use SPF, so when its incorporated into you daily moisturiser it makes life so easy and I’m all about that.. A 3 in 1 age blocker, collagen booster and essential moisturiser – This is a lightweight formula that isn’t greasy, it makes my skin feel soft, and makeup goes on very nicely so all in all, a great moisturiser! It smells a lot like sunscreen, which I like as that smell just means summer for me! My skin feels balanced, it hasn’t broken out or come out in dry patches so I will definitely be repurchasing this for the whole of summer. You can buy it here for around $40 AUD for 50ml.

15310561_10153828798716642_644281387_nLast up I have the Supergoop Defense Refresh Setting Mist with Rosemary.

Again, another refreshing mist/another sun protector.. This is an SPF 50+ setting spray for a matte finish. It’s amazing for days where you really want your makeup to stay put such as a day at the races, or a wedding! It’s similar to the other mists I’ve talked about in the sense it’s a refresher, and is fairly lightweight, but I feel it has that extra ‘setting’ affect. So be careful not to get it in your hair as I find it does kind of sit there like hair spray which may annoy you if you don’t want that look with your hair! It contains rosemary and mint which I love, as it’s so cooling and refreshing! Another fantastic product for setting your makeup beautifully, while protecting you and giving you a little splash of life!

You can buy this from Sephora for $42AUD for 50ml but it’s something I personally save for special occasions.


Hope this comes in useful for you summer lovers.. If it’s not summer where you are, don’t worry it will be here before you know it and these fantastic products won’t be going anywhere anytime soon so just save this post into your ‘read again’ pile 😉

GG x