Apparently a lot of girls start off with MAC as their basic start up makeup as it’s so well known and has basically everything you need in every colour. Where I grew up we didn’t have a Mac shop, so was never really on that hype. Although admittedly I was always a bit of a cosmetics snob so as I got older I started ordering brands such as Benefit online, and got into some really good makeup through an Aunty working on a makeup counter at discounted prices. Needless to say it was hard to go back to drug store once that started even at that young age, although these days the drug store brands have upped their game incredibly!

Years later I moved to a city where there was a Mac store, I bought a couple of things, really liked them and went through a bit of a ‘phase’ collecting a fair amount of stuff! If I showed you my whole collection in a blog we would be here all day. Anyway I made a conscious effort to put an end to that phase as I was starting to feel out of the loop with all the other AMAZING makeup around these days, so only buy the odd Mac thing now, along with many other gorgeous brands.

I still use heaps of Mac day to day, and find it great as a go to, (although I do think they need to up their game slightly with all the insane quality with makeup these days) so thought I would show you some holy grails..!



Pro Longwear eye pencil in Rich Experience – A great smooth, highly pigmented eye liner pencil in a very dark brown shade. I love this as the colour pay off is great, and does not transfer to the top of my eyelid like so many others do with me. The joys of a slightly hooded eye!


Blacktrack fluid liner – A gel liner which again has great colour pay off and does not transfer with me! I use this with a Mac 210 eyeliner brush.


Pro Longwear ‘Paint Pot’ cream eye shadow – From left to right we have ‘Frozen violet‘ a frosty purply aubergine colour with flecks of silver. ‘Bare study‘ a stunning soft pearl finish in a gold-beige colour. ‘Vintage selection’ a darker gold/peachy colour with a frosty finish. ‘Camel coat’ which is a matte beige colour, a great base colour or for people like me who just love wearing neutrals day to day. All so very beautiful in their own way, I have a lot of fun with these and they don’t crease or cake which is great, although I only apply a tiny amount, a little goes a long way.




Now we have a few palettes, the biggy is the 15 x warm neutrals which I LOVE! The pigment with these is far better than the individuals and times 9’s which I also have here. There are some really beautiful warm, autumnal colours here, some similar to the ones in the Morphe 350 palette.

Navy times 9 and Dusky rose times 9 – I love these because they are a good go to for every day as they are not too pigmented, I know that sounds crazy but I really like the control I have with them and the colours are so flattering, especially the dusky rose, they are very ‘me’. A great deal for your money at only $65 for 9 different shades, yes the pans are smaller than the individuals but for that price and for the amount of choice, I think they are so handy to have.


These are my 3 favourite lip combos (although one used to be until I discovered ‘Faux’ but I cannot for the life of me find it anywhere so for the purpose of the blog, I’ve reverted back to the original favourite combo!) Far left is lipstick ‘Brave’ in satin finish which is my favourite Mac lip finish (the one replaced by ‘Faux’ but still very much loved) and the pencil in ‘Soar‘, a sexy dusky rose combo which can be applied lightly for the day or slapped on for a more intense look! I am obsessed with dusky rose lips so this is perfection for me. Next to that is matte ‘Velvet teddy‘ and lip pencil ‘Whirl‘ a natural more orangey toned nude, again suitable for any occasion depending on how you apply, and it’s all about the lip pencil whether it’s a faint line or over drawn, I love both ways! Then we have ‘Angel‘ lipstick with lip pencil ‘hip n happy‘ a soft baby pink combo, the lipstick has a frost sheen and is super girly and summery, one swipe on the lips of Angel can be perfect for a soft natural look.


Ok so I’m not entirely sure why I have this ‘studio fix’ foundation in this picture first on the left as I’ve not really got on with it plus this shade is too dark unless I have a spray tan. The smell is truly awful so I think that’s also why I’ve not given it much of a chance. So moving on to the ‘Pro Longwear’ foundations and concealers, oh my days I love them SO much for when I want flawless skin, that does not want to budge, and without feeling heavy. They do not change during the day and do not cake either. I will say though make sure your face is as prepped for makeup as possible, i.e. smooth, moisturised and not flakey or dehydrated as it can be tricky to work with the first time. I always used to love a flat foundation brush but this stuff forced me onto a buffing brush (albeit a happy change as I not won’t live without my Morphe M439 for ANY foundation. It needs to be worked with quickly and with care, you’ll get what I mean if you try it! The concealer gives an amazing finish, its still my all time favourite, and patted in using a damp beauty sponge it looks so natural and flawless. I will ALWAYS have these in my collection for when I need a fool proof face!



Prep + Prime Fix+.. This apparently isn’t an actual setting spray for makeup which I get, but it just does a great job of settling the makeup onto the skin, brightening it up and keeping you hydrated. Another Mac essential I will always re-purchase!






I used this prep and prime’ translucent powder for baking for AGES and will always love it, but RCMA has since taken its place. I’m not sure which one I prefer but for cost reasons will use RCMA more day to day and probably save this for special occasions just for the thought of the price not even that it does a better job? It sets your makeup beautifully though and helps lock it down all day!







Nylon Eyeshadow



The best highlight shadow I’ve ever used! So pigmented, so beautiful I will ALWAYS have a pan of this.





Malt Eyeshadow




Another neutral, matte, dusky-rosy-brown eyeshadow for Gemma please! Yep another shadow I probably have a few the same of but will always be a ‘go to’.




Blackberry Eyeshadow

Blackberry Eyeshadow



This is such a sexy colour! A stunning purply brown shadow the makes any brown smokey eye come alive. I love this!






Swiss chocolate Eyeshadow



Ok this is embarrassing, another brown shadow, but ‘Swiss chocolate‘ though… It’s loved by many and is such a beautiful shade to use on its own or for a smokey brown eye.






Naked lunch Eyeshadow



You might not be able to see the finish as well as I’d like from this photo, but this is my latest ‘no makeup’ shadow favourite for when I want a barely there but a flattering face. Its a frosty, pinky beige and I LOVE it as a base for a big look or on its own.




So there are just a few of my MAC favourites, there are so many more I could show you but this post would go on a teenie bit too long.. Plus I have seen some amazing collections about to come out which tells me they may just be upping their game and I will have some brand new favourites very soon!

Hope you enjoyed..

GG x




A couple of months ago was my 28th birthday and one of my birthday gifts from a friend was a beautiful bag of these mini L’Occitane products! I’m not sure if the goodie bag was part of their 40 year celebration but the leaflet above was enclosed any how..

I had these in my drawer untouched for a while, waiting for the perfect day to indulge and treat myself to a home spa/pamper day, and it was SO worth the wait. I wasn’t planning on putting a blog together for these but as I fell I love with them so much I thought how crazy would it be to fall in love with even more beauty products, and NOT share it!?

So let me show you these lovely little luxuries… (I am buying full sizes of ALL of it ASAP!)



This little soap is just wonderful. It’s full of the shell of almonds, ground up to act as an exfoliant, and moisturising almond oil. I have been using this roughly every second day just by rubbing over my body to gently exfoliate while lathering up beautifully and getting the benefits of the almond oil. It makes my skin feel so good and honestly, just the rest of this range the smell is another level of beautiful. If they did a fragrance of this range I would snap it up straight away, but it really doesn’t matter because by the time I’ve pampered myself with it all, it leaves me smelling so good all day.



First on the left – This shower oil though.. Oh my days I feel myself getting far too excited writing this! It is honestly the most luxurious shower product I have ever used. It’s an oil which transforms to a foam when mixed with water. I’ve used it with a shower puff but which works wonderfully but I prefer to just use my hands as you feel like you’re rubbing oil into your skin at the same time. So as it’s enriched with almond oil, it claims to respect the hydrolipidic film on your skin, which is basically a protective barrier you have on your skin. When I step out of the shower after using this I already feel moisturised and smell so damn good you just have to try to know what I mean!

On the right here we have the ‘supple skin oil’. Again made and enriched with almond oil, and a few other extremely skin-loving oils. Something I have loved so much but have savoured for special occasions until I can fork out for the 100ml bottle which is believe is $65AUD and comes in spray form. It’s a light and luxurious oil which again, smells absolutely beautiful to the point where by the time I’ve used the bath and shower products and applied this I don’t feel the need, nor the want to change or spoil it by adding perfume. My boyfriend too, cannot get enough of this fragrance on me. Such a sexy, flattering scent.



Last but by no means least we have the hand and body lotions, same scent, and just as gorgeous and indulgent. They are both light, and so so silky, a small amount goes a long way but in a luxurious absorbent kind of way, not a slide around you skin way.

I feel like I can’t recommend every single one of these L’Occitaine Amande products enough. They all do their thing in the highest most indulgent way, the packaging is just so classy, and need I mention again, they smell SO GOOD I nearly want to eat them.




Go try, and I am sure you’ll understand my enthusiasm 😉

Have a lovely day..

GG x


I was so stoked to receive these beautiful palettes from SugarBaby beauty (check out their stunningly tropical Instagram page – @sugarbabybeauty).

The packaging is truly stunning, the outer boxes have rose gold palm trees on (enough said), and the actual casing of the palette is like a luxurious white, faux crocodile skin. Oh and the puns in their product names are the cutest! Read on for swatches and reviews on the colours…

‘Beautif-Eye’ – Smokey eyeshadow palette 

I’ll start off by saying that all these shadows have a frost/shimmer effect.. (swatch and palette picture down below)

I was truly blown away by how soft, beautiful and pigmented these shadows are. I am not totally satisfied with my swatches in the picture below but I gave it a good shot! But honestly they do not do the colours justice..

Although the white was not majorly pigmented it does work wonders as a speckled frost.

The blue shade (second from the top right) is AMAZING! I am not a massive blue shadow wearer but this gunmetal blue (I think I would call it) is just stunning and I can’t wait to wear that out one day soon.

Top right shadow is a gorgeous really pigmented dark grey, and the purples underneath from bottom right also pack a punch.

Again not much of a pink shadow wearer either, or so I thought which is only because I never venture out to buy them, but these pinks are again – beautiful!

Second from the bottom left we have a greyish brown shimmer which is right up my street and will wear that a lot.

Ok so I’ve saved the best till last and you may even laugh right now because I am talking about the bottom left hand shadow which has not shown up well in my swatches or my photo of the palette..BUT believe me when I say it is BEAUTIFUL! I am sure most of you have heard of MAC’s ‘blue brown’ pigment.. This is that colour!! A stunning two tone effect of a brown/blue shimmer causing some kind of magical colour, I would recommend this palette for that alone! Especially for the price of $19.95, the whole freaking thing is cheaper than a MAC shadow, need I say more?

I am so happy to have this palette, it’s so pretty, pigmented, and SO many looks can be crated from such a reasonable product.

↑ Daylight, flash & palette photo ↑

‘Glow getter’ Contour and glow kit in Luminous Bronze

Ok so again, not happy with my swatch photos but what can you do? Although these weren’t super pigmented anyway. The darker shades were, but just enough to contour and build up which is what I prefer so thats great by me.

The highlight shades are SO pretty and natural on your face, and not too pigmented which I really love. I am a huge Becca/Jaclyn Hill ‘champagne pop’ fan which is crazy pigmented, but will keep that for nights out. This kind of highlight on the other hand is soft, natural and so flattering for every day use. I will literally use this most days now!

So basically the top left two, and bottom left two are shimmery highlight & contour powders, personally I won’t be using a shimmery powder for my contour but will definitely use them as a darker highlight or a sweep over the top of my bronzer.

The far right hand side on top and bottom are cream highlighters and honestly you are probably thinking where the heck they are on my arm.. Again harder to swatch for photo purposes but it was there I promise, just a natural, subtle glow which again for me personally, I find perfect for every day/beach days!

So again for $19.95AUD I am going to use this daily with absolute pleasure!



Until next time..

GG x


*Thank you to SugarBaby beauty for letting me try your pretty little palettes.


I was lucky enough to receive a gorgeous set of MOR products earlier this week and I have been obsessed with them the last few days! I have two fragrances from the range, ‘Black Iris’ in the purple packaging and ‘Basil Grape’ in the aqua.

I received from the Black Iris range a hand cream, hand and body wash and hand and body lotion. The scent of this is described as a ‘rich black currant and soft iris married with the seductive notes of rose and warm woods’. It is actually a really beautiful scent, I can pick up the black currant and floral tones and they really compliment each other. Not sweet, not too floral, a lovely subtle balance.

From the Basil Grape range I received a hand cream, a hand and body wash and a triple-milled soap bar. This is my favourite scent out of the two, it’s described as ‘clusters of sweet, ripe summer grapes tempered with fresh basil & a whisper of soft violet’. Now I’ve mentioned in other blogs I am useless at describing scents but I just LOVE this! It’s sort of sweet in an edible kind of way but not too sweet as I don’t do too sweet.I don’t really pick up much basil, not in the way i’m used to with cooking anyway but that’s just me. A really beautiful easy on the nose fragrance and one I can’t wait to leave on myself.

So the hand creams are obviously have the same formula and are made with coconut and sesame oils which honestly leaves your hands feeling so soft but not sticky or oily whatsoever! There’s nothing more annoying that a hand cream that just sits there, I find myself wiping those away but this soaks in and nourishes your skin like a dream. It’s also enriched with vitamins which is always a plus!! (Cost around $15AUD)

This hydrating hand and body wash is great as it obviously doubles up as both. (They cost around $20AUD) I have been using the basil grape in the shower and I will leave the black iris out as a hand wash which I am super chuffed about! I LOVE luxurious hand washes so this fits perfectly into my bathroom. It is enriched with peppermint leaf and orange fruit extract which I think sounds very interesting! It foams up beautifully so I didn’t even need to use a lot and left me smelling lovely.

Finally I have the triple-milled soap in basil grape and the hand and body lotion in black iris. (Soap is around $9AUD and the lotion is around $20AUD.) I love this soap, it lathers so nicely and feels very luxurious on your skin. So the soap is triple-milled which apparently means it’s refined three or more times through a heavy duty roller mill. It crushes the soap crystals into a fine paste and makes the lather creamier and more luxurious than other soaps. Explains a lot!



I would definitely cannot recommend these enough if you fancy treating yourself to a more luxurious bath time! They make a gorgeous gift for somebody too.


I hope you enjoyed 🙂

GG x

* Thank you to Coote Connex for setting up this collaboration I am now in love with more amazing products! #blessed


I feel like I will probably start every monthly favourites post like this, but… Where did September go!? 2016 has just been amazing for me which only makes it go faster! September was a fairly non-eventful, chilled month for me, even on the makeup front I am ashamed to say! But I do have a few newbies to my collection/hobby/addiction that I managed to get my fix from and am absolutely loving!

I do hope you had a great September 2016.. Here are this months favourites for little old me….!

Burts Bees lip tinted and shimmer lip balms

I am obsessed with lip balms, and tints, so these beauties have been a total joy to add to my daily routine! The basic tinted ones come in so many beautiful colours, and the colour pay off is perfection for a balm. They are made from all things natural, like Shea butter and botanical waxes, even the tint comes from  natural sources. The shimmer balms are freaking bomb too, the colour pay of is actually so intense and the shimmer is beautiful! Again, all natural, even the shimmer! Made with beeswax, coconut oil and a refreshing minty flavour. Perfection!

RCMA translucent powder

I recently mentioned this in my ‘Ride or die’ makeup blog so don’t really feel the need to explain how much I LOVE this silky smooth powder. I think it says a lot that even though I’ve only owned it for a few weeks, it’s made it to my ‘ride or die’ list! I use it for baking, and general setting and has literally made my month makeup wise! You can buy it here for $24AUD.

Becca backlight priming filter

So a new edition to my primer family, and it’s living up to the hype! The pearlescent, glowy formula is SO luxurious and smells lovely too for a primer. I was super excited for Spring to be here, but sadly here in Perth Australia I must say it’s been a totally cold let down so far! But this hasn’t stopped me from bouncing around with a Spring/Summer glow thanks to this liquid pearl. I love the way my makeup sticks to it too, my foundation goes on and stays on like a dream. Will definitely always need this in my makeup collection (another ‘staple’ oops). You can buy it here for $65AUD

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