So after watching the gorgeous and hilarious Jaclyn Hill’s ‘Ride or Die makeup tag’ challenge video, and seeing fellow beauty bloggers compiling their own, I was inspired to get my thinking cap on and list my ride or die makeup products!

Makeup has been my absolute favourite past time for as long as I can remember and I have tried and loved SO many products so this has been as tough as I expected – but I did it, AND I have stuck to the rules and have only chosen 1 item per category (albeit leaving me riddled with guilt for leaving out so many other loyal & beautiful babies!).

Admittedly, I have always been a bit of a beauty snob/geek so have always bought what’s recommended, tried and tested so I’ve not had much makeup that I less than love, so these products I am listing are very close to my heart!

Let’s do this…

  • Foundation.. Dior Forever fluid – This is the most skin perfecting, flawless, lightweight and totally stunning foundation that I have ever used! It’s very build-able, covers imperfections like a dream and makes my skin look literally pore-less! I have had so many bottles of this and always go back to it. Sadly I don’t have a bottle at the moment as I’ve had fun trying lots of other amazing (and cheaper) foundations but as I am writing this am definitely feeling compelled to splash out on more very soon, especially with summer on it’s way as this stuff is sweat and weather proof AND has spf20. A perfect foundation!
  • Primer.. Benefit POREfessional – I LOVE this primer because it literally fills in your pores, and leaves your skin feeling so silky smooth! Makeup goes on like a dream and stays looking flawless all day. I’ve tried many other amazing primers with different finishes and skin benefits, especially recently but this old favourite is the one I always go back to whether my skin is having an oily or dry spell (and yes I have experienced both of late, its weird). So whether I want a matt or glowy face, this doesn’t seem to interfere with any look!
  • Concealer.. MAC Pro Longwear – Now I know there’s a good chance my mind may be changed by the time I try others on the market and hugely raved about of recent times, but as far as the concealers i’ve tried goes, this stuff is amazing! I have no doubt that I will always come back to this as there is no way I can fault it! It gives me such a flawless finish and stays put without creasing all damn day!
  • Face powder.. MAC mineralise skinfinish – This face powder is beautiful! It sets my makeup perfectly, without looking too matte or powdery. I absolutely love the natural finish it gives. I have it in a few shades for when I’m darker/lighter and even one for bronzing which I also love.
  • Under eye setting powder.. RCMA Translucent powder – I have only recently started using this and I honestly cannot imagine life without it! I bake my under eye concealer using this, and that moment I sweep this silky powder away is literally the most satisfying makeup moment of all time! My under eye looks so well concealed and flawless yet looks and feels like pure silk, not cakey at all! Whoever invented both baking and this product, I salut you!
  • Blush.. Nars Orgasm – This pretty little cult favourite is just that, a cult favourite for a reason! It is so flattering and has just the right amount of shimmery glow to make you look fresh faced and radiant! I find it very hard not to pop this on my cheeks whenever I do my makeup.
  • Bronzer.. Benefit Hoola – Again, another product I have gone back to time and time again for many years! It has the perfect shade, not orange, not too grey. So can be used for contouring as well as a sun-kissed bronzed look. I love the fact it has no shimmer as I like to save that for blush and highlight.
  • Highlight.. Becca & Jaclyn Hill’s Champagne Pop – Firstly, how amazing is this name for a highlight? ‘Champagne pop’ is just genius if you ask me, so fun and depicts the product perfectly! This pressed shimmer is SO pigmented so a little goes a very long way so I would just warn you to be careful when applying because it packs a punch! The colour is just beautiful too and flatters any skin type or makeup look with the mixture of peachy, gold, and pink tones. I have LOVED so many highlighters but this one has to win hands down.
  • Mascara.. Lancôme Hypnose Star – This stuff is AMAZING!!! No other mascara has ever come close and will be very hard to beat. It makes my eyelashes look almost false, (I’m not that blessed) it keeps them lifted all day and builds incredibly without clumping. Aww I really do love this mascara and need to treat myself to some more!
  • Lipstick.. MAC Faux (satin) – I am a sucker for MAC, dusky rose lip shades and a beautiful satin finish so this is hands down my favourite every lippy! Its subtle enough and beautiful for an every day look, or amped up with a good over lined lip using a liner (MAC soar is a great match) for an evening look. The satin finish in MAC lippys is my favourite too as it’s not matte but not shimmery/glossy so is so wearable.
  • Liquid lip.. NYX soft matte lip cream – Now I see SO many liquid lipsticks every day on instagram I feel like I’ve tried them all, when in reality I have only tried this one brand (wow this sounds so bad now I say it out loud, do I even qualify to like makeup? Jokes!) and I am sure I will get around to purchasing some very soon as I feel it will be a new addiction at one point, but for now I am abstaining! But so far I must say I am enjoying these very much. I have two shades, Cannes and Tokyo and will definitely be trying more, along with other NYX types and other brands.
  • Lip gloss.. Clinique long last gloss wear – This gloss is fab, its thick, but not gloopy if you get me? A small amount makes you lips pop and just last ages as the name suggests! I remember trying this years ago in a different shade of pink but more recently I’ve been using ‘girls night out’ which is a very flattering pink tinted sheer gloss with slight shimmer that goes with any look!
  • Lashes.. Red Cherry #47 – These are just the bomb! they are the perfect design, shape and everything else needed for me! My eyes are quite big so I get away with these. Eyelashes are a personal preference so I can’t recommend these for everyone but for me, they are my current ride or die!
  • Eyeshadow palette.. Morphe 35k – If I am honest I don’t really have a ride or die palette, as I’ve kind of gone from one to the other using my particular favourites from each, but i recently bought my first Morphe palette and I have to say I am really stoked right now! The colours of the 35k palette are all neutral and right up my street and the colour pay off is fantastic!
  • Setting spray.. MAC fix plus – This stuff is great as brings makeup to life and sets it to a certain degree, although I can’t wait to try out all the new setting sprays around! Will always love this stuff though!
  • Perfume – Jimmy Choo, Jimmy Choo – Ok so this is officially the hardest to pick a ride or die for, as it totally depends on the event/day/whatever, I have many luxurious, expensive and non expensive scents, but if I could pick one I just love to use at any time of day or any kind of event it would have to be the original Jimmy Choo perfume called ‘Jimmy Choo’. It’s not the most luxurious perfume in the world but it sure does have a beautiful soft, fresh scent which I never tire of!

I can’t believe I managed it, but I sure hope you enjoyed! Im off to go give my other makeup some attention to stop the guilt 😉

GG x


Hello and welcome back to my little beauty blog!

So I thought I would treat myself to one of these monthly surprise/lucky dip beauty boxes! I plan to keep my subscription for a while to see how I like it overall, how worth the money they are and how much I like the general content.

My first box had me fairly interested, a nice little selection of products although nothing that has really excited me if I am honest. So like I said, I will have to have a few months worth to know if it is worth the $17.99 a month for me personally..

Let’s see what BB delivered…



Jelly Lipstick

This jelly lipstick had me a little bit excited for the novelty factor alone. As Bellabox had announced everyone would get one of these I knew this would be in the box but had no idea how it would work.. It’s basically, as you can see a clear, firm jelly like stick with a slight pink tint, but when applied to lips turns into a super bright lip stain, like super bright! I was fairly taken a back by this for the colour pay off alone and also unfortunately because the highlight-pen type barbie pink shade isn’t really for me.. I love lip stains a lot so would probably be more of a fan of this Korean novelty product if it was in a slightly more natural shade, personally.


Nair mini wax strips and Palmolive oil infused moisturiser

A whole pack of Nair mini wax strips and the new Palmolive moisturiser.. I do find little wax strips fairly handy now its near summer for my little belly hairs so was pleased to get these. The moisturiser was really silky and felt nice but had a strong smell of Jasmine which isn’t really for me. Love the fact it has avocado, jojoba and macadamia oils infused in it but won’t be buying a full bottle any time soon for my personal scent preferences alone.


Jamberry nail art and file

These Jamberry nail art thingy-bobs look kinda cool, they remind me of Minx nails although I’m not sure if they do work the same? You can go on the Jamberry website to find out. But unless I can get them to work on my toes which I think possibly not unless I cut them, I can’t see me using them on my finger nails. Sorry Jamberry/Bellabox! Cute product though. Oh and the little nail file which I actually needed a new one of, and works really well, nice and rough!


MonoDerma Vitamin A capsules (external use)

Now I am all over the ‘vitamin A is the skin wonder vitamin’ news and have found that when using products containing vitamin A and also eating plenty of foods with the vitamin (sweet potato, spinach etc) I notice huge improvements in my skin, so naturally I’m happy to have these 0.15% strength capsules. Will probably mix them into my night cream!


The Body Shop Polynesian Island Tiare Eau De Toilette

Last and kind of least I am afraid to say, this perfume the Polynesian Island Tiare fragrance from The Body Shop. I was really excited to smell this as I have fallen back in love with The Body Shop lately and the description sounded divine. Also because I have found myself liking certain floral scents recently after being a non-floral lover! But unfortunately this was not for me, too floral and pungent.

…and there we have the contents of my first Bellabox!

My opinion – I am happy to pay my $17.99AUD a month for the novelty and surprise factor alone. I love the selection, it was just unfortunate most things just weren’t to my taste, but that is the beauty of the surprise contents each month! I am sure I will experience many thing I will love and purchase in the future..

So until the next Bellabox blog, I will see you for my other beauty musings and reviews..

GG x


Hey guys, I do hope you’re well.. Im sat here on a cloudy Sunday afternoon writing this and I could not be happier! Gloomy, cosy Sundays with my MacBook, writing a blog is what it’s all about..

So basically I bought a new micellar water the other day and was super excited about it, so instead of just writing a blog about that I thought I would share with you what my current night time skincare regime is!

My skin is currently combination, although I’ve always been oily, I recently had a freak dry-skin phase. Coming out of the dry spell I am not back to completely oily, therefore now I am very combination which I am not minding at all right now – life is all about balance right?

So let me take you through what I do, and recommend for combo skin..

Step 1 – Removing Makeup.

Although I LOVE the philosophy one step cleanser for this and would happily take that as my desert island cleanser knowing it is more than great for removing makeup and cleansing, I am still a fan of double cleansing.

So first off using cotton pads, I remove my eye makeup with this Lancome ‘Bi-Facil’ eye makeup remover for sensitive eyes ($55 AUD for 125ml). I love most oily/water based dual phase formula cleansers for eyes as they are so gentle and lift even waterproof makeup so easily. This is just my current choice but can recommend many more including Clinique ‘take the day off’. Being rough with your eyes during makeup removal is NOT good for the skin around your eyes nor your eyelashes, so with a formula like this and a bit of TLC you can’t go wrong.

I then grab a couple more cotton pads and soak them with this Garnier ‘skin active’ bi-phase micellar water, ($14.99 AUD for 400ml) again pretty much the exact same concept as the eye makeup remover with the oil and water based solution. This can be used on eyes too but I personally like using one especially for eyes. I’ve used other micellar cleansers that are just water based and loved them, but the oil/water combination makes removing foundation SO easy ready for the next cleansing phase..


Step 2 – Warm water cleansing (part two of the ‘double cleanse’!)

Now I don’t feel like I need to say much about this product, as I raved about it in my ‘August Favourites’ post, so go check that out to see more about what I think about it! But it’s part of my night (and morning) cleanse routine and has been for a very long time now so naturally has to be mentioned in this post. It’s honestly the easiest, most calming and effective cleanser I have ever used and pretty much can’t imagine living without it! The best.

Step 3 – Moisturising (with the occasional sunless tanner).

Again I have mentioned these in depth in other blog posts, but are still in my current night time regime. I am using this Clinique turnaround overnight cream at the moment and swear by the effects and I do like to switch my night cream up, but I swear this has helped settle my dry skin and will probably stick with it for a while. My skin feels baby soft every morning but never oily!

About twice a week I add a couple of drops of this Clarins radiance plus to my nigh cream, which is basically a concentrated sunless tanner formula. It’s been reintroduced the last few weeks as Spring time is here and I will continue to add this safe, summer glow to my regime until the end of summer!

Step 4 – Lip moisture

I swear if I don’t do this step, my lips never look right with lippy, and with all my beautiful lip products, it would be a shame if they went to waste if they didn’t apply to their full potential! My lips feel fuller, more defined and flake free when I use a rich lip cream. This philosophy product is my current favourite.


So there you have my current night time skincare regime, which helps balance my dry & oily skin phases and keeps me at a healthy combination balance. If any of this helps you, I am so glad! I do switch things up a lot, so will update you when my night time regime changes..

Bye for now, GG x


Hello beauties! Hope you’re having a great day wherever you are and whenever you read this..

As Spring has only just begun here in Australia, and has not fully sprung so to speak, I thought I would show you what I am starting to introduce to my routine/Spring time look, and being the ‘over excited for the change of season’ person I am, could not wait! This means I will probably update you further into the season with even more things I’ve added. Perfect excuse for some more shopping and blogging me thinks!

For me, Spring/Summer is all about ‘the glow’, pastels, peaches and pinks, and these little numbers are easing me in to transition just perfectly right now…


Bondi Sands everyday gradual tanning milk/body moisturiser 375ml $17.99 AUD

This stuff is gorgeous! It has a cocoa butter scent (although I would prefer if it was coconut but lets not get too hasty for summer, plus there’s coconut to come in this blog anyway #coconutobsessed). Its enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E which are both great for the skin. I always make sure I am super exfoliated before first applying this because I then apply it for 3 days straight without really exfoliating much. I then apply it more or less every other day to keep a bit of colour while using a normal moisturiser and lightly exfoliating in-between to keep dead skin at bay. Perfect for when the hibernated skin comes out to play in those cute Spring/Summer outfits, how exciting!


NYX ‘Tokyo’ soft matte lip cream & Clarins instant light lip perfector 05 ‘Candy shimmer’

My current Spring time lip combo. The matte bubblegum kind of pink from this NYX lip cream is gorgeous but with a sweep of this peachy pink, vanilla scented gloss on top it really is the most flattering combo I’ve discovered in a long while.. Spring-lip sensation!


‘The Glow’ – featuring Mario Badescu facial spray, Clarins radiance-plus golden glow bronzer and Becca cosmetics/Jaclyn Hill’s ‘Champagne pop’

So let’s talk about ‘the glow’ and a few ways in which I achieve mine! There are obviously many ways you can achieve this from primers (I have one of those to show you too) to glowy foundations and highlighters.

Having slight colour on my face makes me look SO much healthier, so when I mix 2-3 drops of this false tan concentrate, in the form of the ‘Clarins radiance-plus golden glow drops’ with my night cream I wake up looking healthy and tanned and get SO many compliments. Even with foundation over top it just comes through. Plus you’re getting your usual skin care without having to sit there with traditional fake tan on your face which doesn’t do my skin much good at all.

This ‘Champagne pop’ highlighter has been my current favourite for a long time although there are others I kind of need to try out/reunite with soon, which is all good because we pretty much have 6 months to embrace that Spring/Summer glow, yey!

I also won’t live without Mario Badescu’s facial spray with herbs, aloe and rose water – amazing!! This is just the most amazing facial spray as its SO refreshing, full of good stuff and makes your makeup look radiant and refreshed as you use it through the day. I also use it alone with no makeup to act as a toner. Oh and I will also put this is the fridge come the extremely hot summer months which is such a god send!


Clinique cheek colour balm chubby stick in shade ‘Robust Rhubarb’ 

Cream blushes are everything this time of year! The lighting in this picture doesn’t do the colour justice though, its a beautiful peachy pink and is super flattering. Go check it out for real and trust me, it is the perfect spring shade! I basically sweep it wherever I want, be it a circle on the apples of my cheeks or a line along the top of my cheeks and I blend with a buffing brush or beauty sponge, both work great for me. Love!


MAC Dusky Rose times nine $67 AUD

I’ve loved these shadows for a long time and they are currently giving me some very pretty feminine pinky looks at the moment using the paler shades right now. Although I do feel I am in need of purchasing a peachy, gold Spring/Summer palette of some sort.. Any suggestions are totally welcome!! TIA..


Kylie’s shimmer matte Sinful Colors nail polish in ‘kool as kukumber’ and ‘butter kup’ 

Pastel nails are a Spring essential for me, and I am absolutely loving these beautiful shimmery but matte polishes. They set matte but with a very fine shimmer through them and are SO pretty! You do need to apply a few coats to get good colour pay off though. (Note to self – must buy lots more pastel polishes!)


Lancome La Base Pro Hydra Glow $57 AUD for 25ml

Now this is just a sample size but I have had a good few uses out of it and LOVE it! I will definitely be going out to buy this.. It apparently has two types of pearl pigments in it which sounds super impressive to me, along with natural rose essence which helps hydrate the skin and hyaluronic acid! So as you can see it’s pretty much a luxurious skin care product as well as an illuminating makeup primer.

When I wear it under makeup I see such a difference in the quality of my skin and makeup. It lasts longer and looks so dewy! I obviously haven’t used it for long enough to know how much it would transform my skin through all the active skincare ingredients but I sure as hell am excited to find out!


The Body Shop coconut beautifying oil $19.99 AUD for 100ml

First off, I would like to let you in on the fact that I am a huge natural & organic coconut oil advocate, and use the stuff A LOT but this stuff is just a little something special for when I’m going places.

With the strong summer sun not out in force as yet, I am enjoying wearing this oil throughout the day. I usually moisturise/tan at night then pop some of this over myself during the day for an extra glow and hydration. The smell is obviously amazing for all you fellow coconut lovers out there too, plus its a dry oil (don’t ask me how) so this means it is not greasy, it soaks in and gives just enough of a beautifying affect just as the name suggests!


Calvin Klein Eternity Now eau de parfum 100ml 

Ok so I am going to put it out there, just like notes in wine, I am rubbish at describing notes in scents! But trust me when I say this stuff is beautiful! It reminds me of my last trip to Bali because I bought it in the airport on the way, and wore it every night. It’s, fresh, floral, summery (and I don’t usually like a lot of floral scents) and just totally luxurious! Here is Sephora’s description which may help you get the picture..

Sephora – “Eternity Now is an instant burst of brightness. Juicy lychee sparkles in the top. The heart opens with a floral bouquet of lush peonies and radiant peach blossoms. Sensuous neroli petals are wrapped in a soft cashmere veil with sensual ambrox and precious musk for a warm, intimate aura.”

Sounds sexy right? Go check it out, I adore this scent..


I hope you enjoyed the first edition of my Spring essentials! I will, no doubt be back during the season with more fresh and colourful enthusiastic purchases.. Keep well!


GG x






There are many different products people use, and different ways people clean their brushes – this is the way I do it. It may be helpful to you or may bore you to tears, but as I was about to start my bi-monthly ritual I thought hey, why not show you guys in a little blog?

I will show you how I shampoo my face brushes which I do roughly once a fortnight or sometimes once a month, (depending on how they are looking or how lazy I am feeling) and how I spot clean my brushes which is all I tend to do for eyeshadow brushes and what I do to my foundation brushes probably every second time I use them in-between shampooing.


Shampooing Step 1 –  I prep by getting my chosen foamy cleanser, a ramekin, a kitchen towel and of course your brushes next to a sink.

I use Johnson’s baby shampoo. It’s so mild but just enough to clean the brushes. (For tougher products like thick, full coverage foundations, sometimes fairy liquid is better for that.) But i find the baby shampoo great as it doesn’t damage the brushes and leaves them feeling all soft and fluffy!






Step 2 – I get my brushes out ready to clean 1 by 1 (or even 2 at a time if you like). I squeeze some baby shampoo into a ramekin ready for my first brush!









Step 3 – I wet the brush under warm water (not hot as it may break the internal glue down) keeping the brush pointing down so the water does not go down the shaft, again causing the glue to disintergrate.









Step 4 – I swirl my wet brush into the shampoo, until all of the product on it has broken down and has come away as much as possible. I rinse and repeat if necessary.










When the water runs clear after shampooing, the brush is clean!





Step 5 – After squeezing all the excess water out of them, I lay my clean, wet brushes down flat on the kitchen towel and leave to dry in a warm dry place. It is important not to dry them with the bristles facing up as the water will run down the shaft and break down the glue, just as I mentioned at the beginning of this post. If you can dry them upside down, even better!!





Now we talk spot cleaning, which is what I do for all my eyeshadow brushes, and foundation brushes in-between shampoos..





Step 1 – I gather my MAC brush cleansing liquid, some kitchen roll, and my eyeshadow or foundation brush. (Note to self, buy more MAC brush cleanser this week!)










Step 2 – I fold one piece of kitchen roll into 4, and I squeeze a small amount of brush cleanser onto the paper.











Step 3 – I swirl the dirty, dry brush into the cleanser getting as much off as I can!










Step 4 – Unfold the paper and then back on itself to then rub the brush on the cleanser that has soaked through, again until you think the product has come off as much as possible.










Step 5 – Once the brush is clean, fold over a dry section of the paper towel and swirl it dry. All done!!






I hope you found this helpful and not too boring! I personally have sworn buy these methods for YEARS and just love sharing my tips with you.

GG x